Encryption (an experimental poem)

(I am breaking from the norm to experiment with a new (to me) kind of poem. I decided to challenge myself to do more than simply write another poem, so I encrypted the actual poem i originally wrote inside of another poem. The poem you are about to read IS NOT the poem I wrote. It is an encryption cover. At the bottom of the poem you will find a number sequence key which will refer you to a specific letter in each word (I.E. “3” means 3rd letter in that word). There is one letter hidden in each word. Double dashes indicate word breaks. If you follow the sequence you will decode the actual poem entitled “Encryption”. Enjoy)

Enchanting obscure redundant eyes
Demanding eve’s unbound recourse
Opened waking everlasting
Bent in tones provoking bliss
Etching arches evening mystic
Knitted synods overthrown
Sowing messages created
Undetected synthesized
Destitute these revelations
Command your fashioned kindred glimpse
Naked lifeless in confusion
Dictations completely encrypted
Unharmed interred indwelling deep
There no trifle nod resides enclosed
Questions stunt enquiring ventures
Crafted steadily within
Burned inside with embers humbled
Empty stories utterance
Untranslated wrappings cling
To unharmonized art
Capturing engaged wanderers

Cipher key:









If you decode, please do not post it yet so others have the chance to work at it 🙂