Grander Element

Each gilded turn a polished picture of perfection
For rarity no more a treasure could be found
For beauty no grander element could match
And there it lay
Before my eyes in careful wrap
That which men for centuries have killed to possess and died to preserve
That which has captivated poets and confounded philosophers from time immemorial
Too great a sight such a thing seems
That I should venture upon it here
A wave of terror struck me cold
For if some greedy soul knew this as I
Surely at mortal risk would they dispatch me unafraid to take such priceless thing for their own
As true a jewel as ever graced a silken cloth
Or bedazzled nobles in their courts
And I
Yes I of all of them stand here to view
For what honor I have been blessed I cannot tell
What redemptive measures from divine favor thought my poor heart worthy of such an encounter I should shake to think
And yet here I stand just the same
Common as I am
For such a precious trove as this on which to gaze
Crafted as it were by unearthly fingers
Drawn by hand from thoughts much stronger than those of us here below
Manifest now in such form as stops my pulse and steals my breath
And for lack of words to tame this raging fire in my chest
I speak what best I may describe as utter profanity against what you deserve
When I say
My dear
You are lovely