Imploring Sparks

Imploring sparks
A kerosene from broken hearts
Has taken refuge in the cavity
Beneath the surface you once placed
Your tired head upon to rest–
The empty cavern of my chest

A potent mix
Of fractured things I cannot fix
Is soaking through the fabric of my dreams
And now, escaping through my pores
Is inundating me once more
As I kneel, willing on the floor

If this must be
The violent finality
Of pleading for a cause that no one sees
Then take the agony in me
And light it up–set it ablaze
As I dispel the dark in flames



Wrap me in your cloak
Beneath the white of your caress
A welcomed blessing left upon me
From a vampire weather sky
Soft redemption on the colors
Muted out beneath your covers
We are winter wonderlovers
If you fall, then so will I

Overtake the sleepers
Unsuspecting in their beds
Pronounce a silent revolution
On the surface of our world
Bestow the gifts preserved in vapor
Like a cold and gentle savior
For obscuring our behavior
Under blankets where we curl

Firelight and frost
Can flirt obsessively on glass
Just out of reach of each the other
Like a pair of star-crossed dreams
And we can lie beneath the thinking
We are children bent for breaking
With our seasons ever changing
And these stains upon our wings

Take me in your arms
And sprinkle kisses in my hair
I taste the melted drops of summer
Stored and frozen on your lips
If there are better ways to cleanse us
If the shadows can’t defend us
Make us blank beneath your canvas
Keep us safe in all of this