Elegy For A Cell Phone

Each time I look at you
Your face so bright and smooth
I see the world within your glance
And I could hold the view
For hours if you choose
But I may never have that chance

For time has taken you
And love and it’s demands
Have dimmed the vibrance of your light
Left you in colors blue
Here lying in my hands
Slowly to slip away tonight

Please don’t leave me here
Alone without your glow
Don’t leave me silent by myself
To see you lying there
Lifeless and so cold
My only, there is no one else

I want to turn you on
I want to make you speak
I want to warm you up inside
I want to feel you move
And bring you back to me
I want to take you for a drive

But I will lay you here
And wait so patiently
I will caress you back to life
‘Till I can touch your face
And take you out with me
To keep you safely by my side

Don’t delay your strength
And don’t forget your words
I need your messages to send
So please come back to me
Give me all you have
And I will charge you up again


Artless Stabbings

My intent to caress
Made a mess of the thought
And I murdered my lines
Such a waste
Such a crime

Is it art? Does it rhyme?
No, the pulse has been stopped
Taking stabs at this…what?
This release?
This insult

I despise every word
My attempts, I repent
Feeling sick unto death
Nothing made
Nothing left

So I stab and I stab
Until life trickles out
And the art–it is dead
We are both
Fully bled


I find it funny
How truly sad
A twisted humor
A wicked stab

I can’t help laughing
A bitter jest
So entertaining
And so grotesque

We are a comedy of tragedy
Where punch lines never end
Comedians in agony
In improvised routines
The irony is beautiful
The gag is so divine
A comedy of tragedy
A sketch not well defined