5 After Midnight

The pixie dust
Long since swept up
Has left only a fading glow
Upon the harsh wooden floor
And I am here
Dangling between wand
And life
How long will I
Be caught between
Being the coachman and the dog
How long will I
Be snagged in thinking
The taste of these enchantments
Is bitter in the end
A hollow sound
Of fairy games
And riven souls


Haptic Incantations

Furtive whispers pass like notes
An opus multifaceted
Performed on strings of skin and dreams
A minuet in aqueous
As danced across your gilded throat

Haptic incantations spoke
Enchantments on a willing form
The anthems rise behind your eyes
And up from darkened depths they float
Like melodies by passion wrote

Magic & Illusion

Ladies and gentlemen
Feast your eyes on center ring
Witness the finest show
of magic and illusions
Ladies and gentlemen
This is art we’re practicing
It’s dangerous, you know
It may appear confusing
Ladies and gentlemen
You won’t believe the things you see
But keep an open mind
And you will be convinced
Ladies and gentlemen
Kindly find the closest seat
Now, let us dim the lights
And let the show commence

We will amaze you with our disappearing act
In fact I think you will agree it’s quite unnerving
Don’t be alarmed to see me saw myself in half
And if you must, then look away, if it’s disturbing
We wave our wands and pull our smiles from the hat
In fact you cannot tell the real from immitation
We swallow fire with our dignity in tact
And speak of things beyond your grand imagination

I tend to sleep at night on beds of sharpened nails
In fact I’m rather well adjusted to the feeling
We juggle swords and spikes, and you can hardly tell
Sometimes we use them to suspend us from the ceiling
You will be dazzled as we hover without strings
I’ve been left hanging here for hours all alone
And, for my final trick, I vanish into dreams
But, please, remember folks: don’t try these things at home