Hey, misty, you are lovely
Dancing through the sky above me
Evening light glows dimly through your dress

Hey, misty, so serenely
Wrap up all the colors neatly
Store them far away on days like this

Hey, misty, darling vapor
Whitest skin like satin paper
Come embrace me silently in shroud

Hey, misty, bring your kisses
Sprinkled on the window gently
Smother me in counterpanes of cloud


Zero Visibility

The sky cried “mutiny”
The blue jumped ship
Into a sea of white
And now it covers me
Like waves of pale
Awash across the light

The sun is drowning in
A tidal wave
Of color-vacant hues
The waters overhead
Have swallowed up
The last and best of blue

And we are left here
In zero visibility
A quiet rest where
The atmosphere collapsed
I must confess: here
In zero visibility
I’m better dressed for
My disappearing act

Beneath the vapor
In zero visibility
The clouds have anchored
The buildings fade to shapes
I want to stay here
In zero visibility
To hide away here
In blankets of the grey