Come Alive

Dormant lungs, paralyzed
Body hung suspended
Tired heart; empty eyes
Tainted from remorse

Injuries there inside
Agonies unspoken
Broken dreams; hope denied
War without recourse

Lay them down, my dearest one
Let the stripes across your back
Mend in time–mend with love
Casualties of these attacks

Come alive again, my dear
Weakened wings can fly from here
Vestige of my darling friend
Come alive–awake again


The Tedious Business of Conforming

These kids today require far too much attention
They want to think all on their own
These stranger shapes will call for radical dimensions
It seems that something should be done

What will they do if we allow them to continue
What kind of chaos will they cause
We’ve got these molds that they just are not fitting into
They ought to look a bit like us

These kids today create a tedious disruption
So many wrinkles we must iron
We’ve not approved the parts they use in their construction
We have some diagrams to burn

What will we do if they continue alterations
How will the future world survive
We have the clues and all the blueprints for perfection
We just can’t seem to stay alive…


A bitter drought has gripped your reign
Bring forth the women and their spawn
Pray to your Gods if they can hear
Our jaded kind to carry on
The trusted vintages are dry
The teaming rivers turned to dust
Sun scorched the bones beneath the sky
Will you return to dine with us

We are the fruit
The ones untasted
All your silences are wasted

We are the wine
The finer spirits
As you cry too loud to hear us

We are the sustenance and pleasure
As you suffer at your leasure

We are the future to replace you
But our flavors are untasted