Dreamland Renegades

Five acre smile
Under backlit sunset braids
Did we set the world on fire
I think we might have
Burning up
‘Til there’s nothing left to save
Did we catapult the moon
I think we might have

Open roads
Counting fence posts on parade
Did we think we’d never fade
I think we might have
Plotting midnight masquerades
Did we think we’d get away
I think we might have

I took the wheel
Like all the world was ours to steal
Every golden flake of cloud
Tucked away behind the thought
We are real
Chasing colors like the blind
Call us dreamland renegades
Much too perfect to be caught



A shape for a space and a space for a shape
Everything placed in the place it belongs
Circles and squares of predictable make
Molded to fit into holes of their size
An edge for an edge at the angles it takes
Guided inside where the others have gone
Perfectly made so they associate
Coupled in patterns and gathered in piles
But I am outside


We are
We are
The artists painting eyes in shades of hope

We are
We are
The scars across the silken skin of youth

We are
We are
The mysteries determined to be known

We are
We are
The riot in the silence that is you

The undesirables
Never quite behaved enough, it seems
With hearts like fireballs
By aerosol your walls display our dreams
We are the misfits
With lips dipped in a deeper hue of red
A calm rebellion
In a symphony conducted by the dead

We are
We are
A family of possibilities

We are
We are
A catalyst for risking everything

We are
We are
The anti-norm dichotomy of dreams

We are
We are
The targets on the heart of being free

The undesirables
The shapes that still refuse to fit the mold
The undetectables
Like anti-virus agents in the code
we are the strangers
Bold enough to stand against the force
Of present danger
Brazenly in love with no remorse