A proclamation lies, un-penned
Within a shadowed corridor
Abandoned there, for lack of ink
Or, possibly, for lack of strength
And yet the truth has never dimmed
The arteries–the rushing blood
Can never cleanse the lasting mark
You own upon my crimson heart
And I, for this, so wish I knew
Some fitting language to assault
Or vessel to translate the pulse
Of all the things we hold in us

A proclamation lies, un-penned
Deserving light, but finding none
And I, for one, would like to write
The way I feel for you tonight
But since I cannot do so yet
I simply thought the evidence
Deserved to be remembered here
Until we learn to speak it clear
When life affords a better chance
These chambers with their hidden dams
Will burst apart–their secrets share
To show that you were always there


Kinetic Pantomime

We, in kinetic pantomime
Soaking rustic sunsets
Through dreamlike pores
Are evermore
And never were

We, in fused schisms
With effortless grace
Bequeathed by flames
Are tempered steel
And feather down

We, in double helix
Breathe rainbows into love
Like winter storms
Between despair
And open air

Stormy Eyes & Teary Skies

The forecast today
Calls for stormy eyes and teary skies
So let’s cast away
Into waters others left uncharted
For my best mistakes
I have photographs and faded laughs
We all have to pay
When the tide reclaims the brokenhearted

The sails are aimed against the breeze
Without a care for adverse weather
The gales we blame for our misdeeds
Lead us away from safer waters
If we should fail to make it home
And we are stranded here forever
We knew the crossing would be deep
But vowed the danger did not matter

The forecast today
Calls for jaded hearts and shooting stars
The uncertainty
Of a map without a destination
If all I can take
Is this treasure trove of buried love
Then I must believe
It was worth the worst of complications

The holds are emptied of their crates
An aftermath of bitter evenings
To stay afloat amidst the waves
Far from the shores we chose for leaving
I hold the course and challenge fate
Above the black abyss of sorrow
This weeping sky will wash away
The stains our stormy eyes have borrowed

Haptic Incantations

Furtive whispers pass like notes
An opus multifaceted
Performed on strings of skin and dreams
A minuet in aqueous
As danced across your gilded throat

Haptic incantations spoke
Enchantments on a willing form
The anthems rise behind your eyes
And up from darkened depths they float
Like melodies by passion wrote

Are You?

Aside from the rise and fall
Of breath I see no sign at all
That you are less than perfect
Even human like the dirt that I am
Aside from gentle beats
Of pulse I cannot force belief
That you could be so flawless
Lying here within my arms–in my hands

Are you real?
Because the colors of your cheek
The vivid semmetry
Of your every little curve
Makes me feel
That you must have been a dream
Or a fragile figurine
Not a mortal, but an angel
Are you real?


Wrap me in your cloak
Beneath the white of your caress
A welcomed blessing left upon me
From a vampire weather sky
Soft redemption on the colors
Muted out beneath your covers
We are winter wonderlovers
If you fall, then so will I

Overtake the sleepers
Unsuspecting in their beds
Pronounce a silent revolution
On the surface of our world
Bestow the gifts preserved in vapor
Like a cold and gentle savior
For obscuring our behavior
Under blankets where we curl

Firelight and frost
Can flirt obsessively on glass
Just out of reach of each the other
Like a pair of star-crossed dreams
And we can lie beneath the thinking
We are children bent for breaking
With our seasons ever changing
And these stains upon our wings

Take me in your arms
And sprinkle kisses in my hair
I taste the melted drops of summer
Stored and frozen on your lips
If there are better ways to cleanse us
If the shadows can’t defend us
Make us blank beneath your canvas
Keep us safe in all of this

Buried Alive

Trapped inside
Buried alive
Clawing the walls
That hold them below
Cries unheard
Muffled by earth

Cast aside
Sealed up to die
Living emotions
Words left unspoken
Fighting to breathe
Deep within me

Shut and nailed
Packed and sealed
Covered with reasons
Left out to freeze
Dropped in a coffin
To rot and to soften

I can hear them scream
Piercing the ground beneath my dreams
Dragging their nails across my belly
Writing the things they cannot tell me

I can feel them pound
Shaking the thoughts I can’t let out
Trying to break their borrowed tomb
Awaiting their turn to be exhumed

I Would Burn

To stand so still beside your bed
My light to give a calming glow
The fragrance of my love to shed
And this, my passion, ever show
If I, a candle, could express
My heart through flames and sweet perfume
Your eyes: my oxygen; my breath
Supply the spark to light this room

And I would burn to see your face
Each flicker dancing in your gaze
Until the last of me dissolved
The flame extinguished by the grave
Inscribed in fire, let me tell
With every length of wick I lose
I set this blaze within myself
To be the warmth inside of you

Bombs & Hearts

The sound is clear
The cold night air
Betrays the pitch
The state of this
I know the sound
But can’t make out
If this is love
Or bombs above

Hearts can fall and blow us all away
Dropping like explosives from the sky
Love is not the safest place to be
Love can level everything in sight
Something much like playing with a fire
Waiting for the world to detonate
They should package all of my desire
Drop it on the public from a plane

The long descent
From where I went
Cause and effect
No accident
I’ve been falling
Hard in love
And this is what
The fallout does

Here I am
Ground zero and
I heard it coming
All along

Here I stand
This cratered land
Is just the place
Where I belong

Drop the bomb and calmly walk away
No one said that sentiments are fair
Fired from the barrel of a heart
Love could be the frontline of a war
Something much like orders to advance
Fighting for a higher sort of cause
Hearts and bombs are weaponry of chance
Hearts just have a longer way to fall

Dream For You

Being alive will always
Come with circumstances we can’t change
These bitter nights will always
Come with chances for a brighter day
Sometimes the fight will take us
Far away from where we want to be
But it’s alright to lose your
Focus for a moment if you need

I will dream for you
And believe in bigger things
You don’t have to make it through
I will bear you on my wings

When your hope is gone
And the world is wrong
Let your heart be calm
I will dream for you

We all need something that is
Far too large for us to do alone
We all need someone who can
Find us when we lose our way back home
We all need dreams that help us
See the world like no one else before
We all need keys that let us
Open up our deepest inner doors

I will dream for you
And believe in bigger things
You don’t have to make it through
I will bear you on my wings

When your hope is gone
And the world is wrong
Let your heart be calm
I will dream for you

She Does

She steals the colors from the rainbows
Ties them up neatly in her hair
She pulls aurora from out of the northern
Lights and mixes it in her tears
She takes the sparkle from the diamonds
Captures it perfectly in her eyes
She keeps the comforting scent of the cool spring rain
As an unexpected surprise

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can turn the world upside down for me
But she does

She took the mystery out of the oceans
Holds the deep gently inside her smile
She drained the majesty out of the mountains
Repaints it perfectly with every stride
She is the melody to every chorus
She is the rhythm to every rhyme
She moved the axis of every planet
Until we’re perfectly aligned

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can calm the turbulence inside of me
But she does

She stopped the beating in my chest
Just with the thought that she walked in the room
Swept all the oxygen out of my breath
Chased every shadow from out of the gloom
She shook the dust off of the stars
Sprinkled it sweetly into her laugh
She shouldn’t be so irresistible
But she’s just perfect like that

But it’s not the things she does
Its in the way that she loves
And I can’t believe that she
Would even bother to notice me
But she does

Carve In The Stars

I’m not the kind
To make it through love without scars
I’ve spent my life
Running away from these wars
Fighting to find
Meaning in all that we are
Crossing the lines
That lead us to where we are more

We’ll write the words they carve in the stars when we’re gone
We’ll fight the battles we lost in the lines of these songs
We’ll be the questions for answers we knew all along
We’ll be immortal in legends where lovers belong

Nothing Else

There is no price to set on life
Or limit to where beauty lies
The worth of us is not defined
By weights or measures, mates or treasures

As you breathe you serve to prove
A value held in only you
Your beauty lies within yourself
Content with that and nothing else

Tragedy Is In Love With Me

Tragedy is in love with me
And I’m in love with her
Can you see what she’s done to me

Tragedy is my bestest friend
I take her everywhere
We can be what we want to be

Tragedy is in love with me
And she can be so sweet
Everything is a fantasy

Tragedy is my nearest kin
I feel her in my blood
We can be what we want to be

Tragedy is in love with me
She likes to hold my hand
We make up when we disagree

Tragedy is my mirror mask
She always understands
We can be what we want to be

Tragedy is in love with me
She never wants to leave
Every evening she follows me

Tragedy is my better half
She helps my heart believe
We can be what we want to be


Interred in juggernaut walls
Rifted as it were from form well fit
By cause or catastrophe untold
Folded for wilting
Petals lain in tired heaps about this enclosure
Swept up in figure crumpled slumped and sunken in efforts spent
To rend mortar from brick to crack sick structured severance
Laced in loosely laid arguments
Spun for movements yet untaken
In desperation resolve forsaken
But not apparent
These exits hid for time when waking reason sheds inhibition
When sense and sensitivity are molded first for what cannot be seen
Which here now resides
Bent in shadow
Drawn for eyes of brighter respect
Whose lenses cleansed again repent the disbelief in trade for what is made
Gentle fingers to trace the contour of this devil’s grave
In truth to discover the clever architect of such cruel monuments
Could not a tyrant be
If indeed as tyrants go a hand external this would mean
Entombed in grave remorse or faded course
For drunken charting in love’s throes
A figure fair and sovereign did fashion such a cavern
If not by reason
Then by lack of will to look beyond a cold unforgiving frame
To name an enemy unseen a thing of dreams or even more a ghost
But ghosts do not here dwell
And ghosts
Though present nonetheless
Do not the dwelling of the living form
Nor lay the bricks
A holding pen
If that is what it is that you are in
May rise but ‘neath the guide of only one
The one in which resides this mortar
This brick
This mob of walls from which is not a certain door
And so laid
Crumpled on the floor
A figure bathed in cascaded darkness all it’s own
To wrap in rags from sorrow sewn
A thing of beauty
A thing of bright elements infused
Of such a race that angels envy for their loves
Disfigured in despair by air oppressed and rent of rest
And yet…
If by choosing she will be
Uncluttered by restraint to paint a stroke of brilliant light
Across a night in need of such
For out the darkness
Blushes paths untaken
Words unspoken
Exits formed of threads being woven by hands which built
Perhaps unknowing
This dim and dreamless dark enclosure
To unravel walls well fabricated
But not from necessity here created
A farce are they
By motion shattered with ease
Poor creature you are not caged
You are not clipped as birds with wings
You are not held within these
As always you are liberated
And have been since when first created
Birthed unclothed and unashamed
Untold untrained and untamed
To build grander things than tombs in which to cower from a world of tombs
A world of rooms
A world of flowers wilted in walls built
By hands not meant for such doom
By eyes fused with colors unreflected without others
Arise to face these juggernaut walls
And find them weak
Made to fall
Spend those finely sculpted hands on other tasks of greater chance and higher call
Lit from a fist thrown firm beneath the tired chest of these apparitions
Move and live and love
And in so doing be the destroyer
Of your saddened heart’s enclosure

Strings And Things

Fragile, the nature of us, being fashioned
Of flesh or of bone or of both being fastened
And woven together, though temporal being
Through course unexplained and, by force, no one seeing

To conquer, to hunger, to draw ever closer
Impeccable faults like impossible lovers
Unwinding by fate, perhaps, choice being loosened
In turn we are chosen; in pain we are proven

In wearing, like garments, we serve out our purpose
Till death do us part or calamities hurt us
Too easily severed, too short in our lasting
We die without answers and live without asking

Yet in our existing, though brief and unstable
In seeking we dream to be, if we are able
Intwined with another by strings or such things
As God in his love and the meaning it brings

We Are The Drama

Like rain in the fall
Junkies and addicts
Like we are the drug
Sleeping with static
Out like the law
Blissfully tragic
Like we are in love

We are the drama
Like actors on stages
Playing at manners
Like fad masquerades
We are enigmas
Like books without pages
Living in rainbows
And sleeping in shades

Sad like a symphony
Telling a story
Pensive and poised
Like a cat on a ledge
Brilliant like sparkles
Or stars in their glory
Bold in our risking
Like dancing on edge

We are the drama
Like operas on Sunday
We are the gossip
Like beauty salons
Perfectly scandalous
Secretly perfect
Flawless and lovely
Like naps on the lawn

Mirrored in magic
Like mages in towers
Taken for targets
Like nobles in war
Sweet and fulfilling
Like nectar in flowers
Smooth and unmoving
Like porcelain floors

We are the drama
Like headlines in tabloids
Sliding unseen
Like a hand in a glove
We are the rumors
Like whispers at midnight
We are the envy
Like angels in love


Why do pencils have erasers
I guess we expect mistakes
Writing life in lead is safer
Just in case we scar the paper

Every line I wrote you
I made permanent, indelible
Everything I told you
I determined it was true
All the ways I love you
They are honestly imperfect
But I wrote them all in ink
That’s the least that I could do

What kind of coward writes a love note with a pencil
What kind of fool believes that hearts can be erased
What would it take me to forget the things we’ve been through
The lines are crude at times but cannot be replaced

Star Namers

Warm in the summer
Like skies we were under
At night on the trunk of my car

Uncharted spaces
And strange constellations
Dance to a worn out guitar

Down to the clearing
Where ghosts circle softly
Tell us your stories
In wind-twisted rhyme

Wrapped up in covers
Like strange little monsters
I will steal your heart
If you will steal mine

Fragrance of rain
From the clouds rolling in
Hair down and hearts on our sleeves

we’ve been the storm
Since the day we were born
We come and we go with the breeze

Capture the moonlight
In love-thirsty silence
Hold it for ransom
In passionate stares

Pick out a star
And we’ll say that it’s ours
Then vanish at dawn
Like a vapor of air

Breath On The Glass

Such an afternoon to be a fool
So in love with nothing else to do
I’ve got time if only I’ve got you
We can take the train to somewhere new
I will smile and you will turn away
Breathe across the tinted window pane
Paint a heart on passing scenery
Fingers joined together underneath
Tell the man in uniform to wait
We don’t want to exit from the train
Everything we need is in our hands
Never need to pack another bag
Catch a flight out west when we return
At 30,000 feet I’ll keep you warm
Find a city vendor for a charm
Tip my hat and take you on my arm
We can find a window we can breathe on
Write our names in frosted yellow neon
Disappear and no one else will ask
We will leave our feelings on the glass