Encryption (an experimental poem)

(I am breaking from the norm to experiment with a new (to me) kind of poem. I decided to challenge myself to do more than simply write another poem, so I encrypted the actual poem i originally wrote inside of another poem. The poem you are about to read IS NOT the poem I wrote. It is an encryption cover. At the bottom of the poem you will find a number sequence key which will refer you to a specific letter in each word (I.E. “3” means 3rd letter in that word). There is one letter hidden in each word. Double dashes indicate word breaks. If you follow the sequence you will decode the actual poem entitled “Encryption”. Enjoy)

Enchanting obscure redundant eyes
Demanding eve’s unbound recourse
Opened waking everlasting
Bent in tones provoking bliss
Etching arches evening mystic
Knitted synods overthrown
Sowing messages created
Undetected synthesized
Destitute these revelations
Command your fashioned kindred glimpse
Naked lifeless in confusion
Dictations completely encrypted
Unharmed interred indwelling deep
There no trifle nod resides enclosed
Questions stunt enquiring ventures
Crafted steadily within
Burned inside with embers humbled
Empty stories utterance
Untranslated wrappings cling
To unharmonized art
Capturing engaged wanderers

Cipher key:









If you decode, please do not post it yet so others have the chance to work at it 🙂


Happy Face

I think I need time or space
Maybe just a bit of both
To bring back a smiling face
Tonight it’s out on loan
Not that I’m all that sad
I think it’s the aftermath
Of crying too hard too much
And they don’t make pills for that

The pillows I sleep with know
Oh when it rains it pours
I turned all my insides out
There’s nothing to say anymore
But I’ll get along just fine
And soon I will find a place
To translate these tears of mine
And put on a happy face

Trouble has come and gone
Maybe it hangs around
I don’t feel like checking tonight
It’s late and I need to lay down
The world is an awkward place
For being a sensitive type
There’s too many ways to fall
And not enough help to rise

But I’ve got a drink beside
The bed stand where I will sleep
The headache will fade by then
Along with the rest of me
I do what I can to believe
The choices we make will count
For something beyond these dreams
It’s all worth the cost for now

It could be worse I suppose
And that’s what I tell myself
We have to keep feeding our hope
We have to keep up our health
When all of these tragic times
Have turned into history
I’ll look back and say it’s alright
It’s still worth it all to me

Looking Up

Make faces at the lemons
Life provides for flavoring
Don’t cry for broken wishes
Life is full of better things
You and I were made for dancing
Let the rhythm lead you on
I know it isn’t easy
But it’s worth another song

Don’t stop looking up
Pinky promise you will smile tonight
Lady you’ve cried enough
Everything will be alright
We have so much more to do
So much to be thankful for
So I’m going to smile for you
Knowing that I love you more

Stop swinging punches darling
No one is attacking you
Everyone loves you so much
Don’t say you don’t know it’s true
Patience is more than virtue
Peace is just a choice you make
Choose the best that you can do
Do the best for heaven’s sake