Not The Fall

The rain lands muted on tired cobbled stone
Repenting the sky
Doomed by its own mass
To plummet helplessly to the pavement below
“it isn’t the fall”, they tell me
“it’s the sudden stop that kills you”
And somehow I see myself as a raindrop
A tiny ball
With my stomach in knots
And my heart in my throat
But it isn’t the fall that hurts
It’s the sudden stop
The cobbled stone
Crashing head first into reality
Finding that the long descent is nothing
It’s the hard, hard world
Rising to meet me
That hurt the most
And falling might be
The best feeling of all
Except for the firm
Stone ignorance
Of an unsympathetically dry




Hey, misty, you are lovely
Dancing through the sky above me
Evening light glows dimly through your dress

Hey, misty, so serenely
Wrap up all the colors neatly
Store them far away on days like this

Hey, misty, darling vapor
Whitest skin like satin paper
Come embrace me silently in shroud

Hey, misty, bring your kisses
Sprinkled on the window gently
Smother me in counterpanes of cloud

Vampire Weather

Hey, the skies are all grey
The horizon is faded
And the light has been drained

The mist sucked the color from out of the leaves
I wept with the clouds when it started to rain

Oh, the sun doesn’t know
The world has grown cold
Out of reach of his glow

In moods of December we danced through the shroud
Trailed by the hint of a shadow below

Hey, we don’t have to wait
For cover of darkness
To come out and play

It’s vampire weather, let’s go for a walk
We can stay lost for the rest of the day

Oh, and when light arrives
When these disguises
Uncover the sky
I’ll stay beside you where I can still find
It’s vampire weather that colors your eyes