Quite Warm

I found you
Arms pulling knees in to shield off the dark
I found you
Crippled and broken–collapsed on the wall
I found you
Clutching your chest in a bid for your heart

I said “there you are, love”
You said “this isn’t me”
Something happened out there in the silence

I said “come to me, love”
You said “I cannot breathe”
All these bones have been crushed from the violence

I found you
Wounded and lost with those marks on your back
I found you
Cold and abandoned with shivering hands
I found you
Shrinking away from the thought of attack

I said “trust me, my dear”
You said “I cannot move”
In the corner where you had retreated

I said “do not be scared”
You said “what can I do?”
With the strength in your muscles depleted

I found you
Helpless and cold on the untidied floor
I took you
Up in my arms from the shadows below
I told you
“I will not leave you. You needn’t cry more”

“I have a heart that could keep you quite warm”