Tomorrow, Butterfly

On frail wings
Spectacles of memories
Perhaps well suited for the pin
To mount up in some gallery
Go sailing far beyond my reach
But I should never wish it so
That beauty on this grander scale
Be found confined
By greedy man
Or turn of hand
As time, life, and love demand

Tomorrow then, my butterfly
If winded currents sweep you so
I will not keep you
No, not for trophies
Not for thirst to see your colors
Freedom owes itself to us
Your gilded wings deserve release
The slightest touch
Might hurt so much
For something there so precious made
So, to the breeze, I send you off

Tomorrow then, my butterfly
Today may be a time unkind
The sunset speaks
Upon your fragile form so sweet
Fluttering beyond my reach
But I can be
Content to know I held you close
And met you on this journey we
Were christened for
Before today was ever dreamed
Farewell, I hope you keep your wings



Eyes threaded like needles
Sewn up with crude little stitches and sealed
Lips tied up with ribbons
Beautifully binding the passage of sound
Barbed wire and fences
Guarding the secrets we never revealed
Lashed, knotted and twisted
Under these cables that hold it all down

But, underneath, the rest of me
Is struggling to breath
And it may be the death of me
But I would like to leave
If only it were safe to be
The things that I have been…
I want them to unfasten me
And let the sunlight in


From birds within the trees
I hear a distant melody
About the world and all it’s troubles
About life still undiscovered

From rustling of leaves
I hear a quiet questioning
Of the patterns in our nature
Set in order by our maker

If the sparrow takes to wing
If the winter leads to spring
If the earth can be aligned
With the sun and not be burned

If the creatures can be tamed
If the heavens can be named
I was made for better things
So unleash me from these chains
I was meant to fly away