Streetlights play with shadows as pedestrians stroll under
Flickers stroke your hair and hover gently on the strands
I could watch for hours as the world keeps moving onward
Placidly content to hold my universe in hand

Storefronts sell their fancies catching glances from the children
Snowflakes grace the fabric of your sweater as we stroll
Hands entwined so I can keep you safely near me always
Hats and furs like armor in our fight to thwart the cold

Have I ever told you
How much I adore you
How much I am warmed to know that you care
Have I ever mentioned
You have my attention
I’m pleasantly caught in the heat of your stare

Crystals form in corners of the windows through the city
Taxis run like blood cells through the arteries of town
All the decorations and the lights aren’t half as pretty
As the silhouette you cast like magic on the ground

All the presents pale beside the gift of being with you
All the vendors fail to place a price upon your love
Every time you smile I think the moon gets slightly larger
Glowing like a dream and you are what i’m dreaming of

Have I ever told you
How much I adore you
How I’d stop the world if it was what I had to do

Have I ever mentioned
You have my full attention
Totally transfixed and wanting nothing else but you


Not The Fall

The rain lands muted on tired cobbled stone
Repenting the sky
Doomed by its own mass
To plummet helplessly to the pavement below
“it isn’t the fall”, they tell me
“it’s the sudden stop that kills you”
And somehow I see myself as a raindrop
A tiny ball
With my stomach in knots
And my heart in my throat
But it isn’t the fall that hurts
It’s the sudden stop
The cobbled stone
Crashing head first into reality
Finding that the long descent is nothing
It’s the hard, hard world
Rising to meet me
That hurt the most
And falling might be
The best feeling of all
Except for the firm
Stone ignorance
Of an unsympathetically dry

An Awakening

Flecks of dawn sprinkled carefully ’round
On the crest of your brow and then cascading down
To the curve of your neck and its lands to the south
As I lick up the dew from the doors of your mouth
And they open for me–as a lock to a key

Lit by the paint of a sun come awake
Naked beams caravan on the sands of your shape
And ascend to your hills where they dance on your peeks
Joining hands as they blend into reds on your cheek
Which are blushing for me–like your blood, running free

Stroked in the darkness on opposite sides
Are the secrets which sunlight has yet to un-hide
Buried shallow in shadows that long to be found
Like a treasure for taking in soft fertile ground
And it beckons to me–like the sirens of sea

Earthquakes unleashed by the plates of our skin
Having struck through the fault lines and shaking within
Trigger tremors so faint on the slant of your jaw
I can feel them, but not quite so certain I saw
Still, they tattle to me of your volatile needs

Folded in gold with a mist at your feet
Newly wakened and taken in tryst by the heat
Of the day, now aroused by it’s solar affair
You appear, as a goddess, with wisps in your hair
And you reign over me like a radiant queen

Traced by the rays as they traverse your form
You unfold, like the blooms, in the warmth of the morn’
And alight on the blades of the grass like a thought
Floating weightless inside of my arms–you are caught
And you wrap around me like a cool evening breeze

Locked by the touch of your hands on my waist
We are tangled and tied in a fleeting embrace
I am holding you–savoring what I may take
But you flicker and fade–I, reluctantly, wake
And you vanish from me–you were only a dream

Inner Circle

I have you surrounded
Like Saturn is surrounded by it’s rings
Taken you in so deep you are
Like the blood within my veins
Close as the atoms that I’m crushing
When I pull you firmly in
So much a part my heart can’t tell
Where I could end and you begin

Come inside my arms
In the circle where
I can keep you warm
Safe protected there
You don’t need to be
Far away from me
Leave the outside world
Come inside my arms

I have you surrendered
Like the french in every war they ever fought
I think I want to steal your heart
And I don’t care if I get caught
I need you near me
Like the seashore needs the ocean’s touch
Take me and wrap me up
Like a blanket on your shoulders, love


Lips against the crescent of her neck
He gently steals the essence of the angel
Replacing it with solace
Of a numb and silent sort
While the beating of her heart
Slowly quiets
In his arms

Silken smooth across his heaving chest
Her fingers trace the last of this resistance
Surrendering to shadows
Fully taken in embrace
Like the palette of her face
Fading graceful
In his arms

Whispered prayers attended with a kiss
The agony–imprisonmen–of fighting to exist
Her fragile body mending
From the ailments it had borne
Cure–from an unlikely source
As she changes
In his arms

Are You?

Aside from the rise and fall
Of breath I see no sign at all
That you are less than perfect
Even human like the dirt that I am
Aside from gentle beats
Of pulse I cannot force belief
That you could be so flawless
Lying here within my arms–in my hands

Are you real?
Because the colors of your cheek
The vivid semmetry
Of your every little curve
Makes me feel
That you must have been a dream
Or a fragile figurine
Not a mortal, but an angel
Are you real?

I Saw Love

Bathed in fading sunlight
On a golden summer’s eve
I saw love the size of mountains
In the way you look at me

Tiny little pinholes
Pierce a dusky charcoal sky
I saw love the size of planets
In the iris of your eye

Struck in muffled rhythm
Through the fabric of your dress
I saw love the size of heartbeats
In the passion you confess

Bursting through the confines
Of your body where it lay
I saw love as tall as Heaven
And invited it to stay

336 Hours

These hands are holding me back
These hands they can’t even feel
Time has no mind to understand
How well it’s hands can heal
Or how slow it’s hands can go
When I am trying to get home
When I’m driving in the dark
Or at altitude alone

These feet are holding me back
These feet they don’t even move
Miles have no mind to understand
How many feet that I drove
Or how many more I must go
When I want to be with you
When I’m running open roads
Oh the miles never knew

But I am only three hundred thirty-six hours out from the end of this journey I’m making

Every hour three thousand seconds reminding me painfully how long it’s taking

Just to get home to the place I began to the place I left and left you standing

I hope you know every minute I’m gone is a minute I spend desperately planning

How I can get back to you

Bombs & Hearts

The sound is clear
The cold night air
Betrays the pitch
The state of this
I know the sound
But can’t make out
If this is love
Or bombs above

Hearts can fall and blow us all away
Dropping like explosives from the sky
Love is not the safest place to be
Love can level everything in sight
Something much like playing with a fire
Waiting for the world to detonate
They should package all of my desire
Drop it on the public from a plane

The long descent
From where I went
Cause and effect
No accident
I’ve been falling
Hard in love
And this is what
The fallout does

Here I am
Ground zero and
I heard it coming
All along

Here I stand
This cratered land
Is just the place
Where I belong

Drop the bomb and calmly walk away
No one said that sentiments are fair
Fired from the barrel of a heart
Love could be the frontline of a war
Something much like orders to advance
Fighting for a higher sort of cause
Hearts and bombs are weaponry of chance
Hearts just have a longer way to fall

She Does

She steals the colors from the rainbows
Ties them up neatly in her hair
She pulls aurora from out of the northern
Lights and mixes it in her tears
She takes the sparkle from the diamonds
Captures it perfectly in her eyes
She keeps the comforting scent of the cool spring rain
As an unexpected surprise

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can turn the world upside down for me
But she does

She took the mystery out of the oceans
Holds the deep gently inside her smile
She drained the majesty out of the mountains
Repaints it perfectly with every stride
She is the melody to every chorus
She is the rhythm to every rhyme
She moved the axis of every planet
Until we’re perfectly aligned

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can calm the turbulence inside of me
But she does

She stopped the beating in my chest
Just with the thought that she walked in the room
Swept all the oxygen out of my breath
Chased every shadow from out of the gloom
She shook the dust off of the stars
Sprinkled it sweetly into her laugh
She shouldn’t be so irresistible
But she’s just perfect like that

But it’s not the things she does
Its in the way that she loves
And I can’t believe that she
Would even bother to notice me
But she does

If I Had Known You

If I had known you
I would have held you
If I could hold you
I would tell you

You’re the best thing to happen lately here

And I know we deserve these tears

But in a better world they would understand

So sleep now and dream

It’s not the end
This is not surrender
I’m fighting for a friend
And hoping you remember
I will never run
I can be your wings
So sleep now and dream

If you are lonely
If you’re alone
Then you can call me
I’ll bring you home

Because you’re the best thing to happen lately here

And I know we can’t change the years

But in a better world everything would all make sense

So sleep now and dream

What have we done?
Where did we go?
If I should vanish
This you should know
Something I’ve saved here
Something we shared
Things that are sacred
Know that Im there

If I had known you
I would have held you
If I could hold you
Then I would tell you

You are the best thing to happen here
You are the best thing to come around…

Carve In The Stars

I’m not the kind
To make it through love without scars
I’ve spent my life
Running away from these wars
Fighting to find
Meaning in all that we are
Crossing the lines
That lead us to where we are more

We’ll write the words they carve in the stars when we’re gone
We’ll fight the battles we lost in the lines of these songs
We’ll be the questions for answers we knew all along
We’ll be immortal in legends where lovers belong

Tragedy Is In Love With Me

Tragedy is in love with me
And I’m in love with her
Can you see what she’s done to me

Tragedy is my bestest friend
I take her everywhere
We can be what we want to be

Tragedy is in love with me
And she can be so sweet
Everything is a fantasy

Tragedy is my nearest kin
I feel her in my blood
We can be what we want to be

Tragedy is in love with me
She likes to hold my hand
We make up when we disagree

Tragedy is my mirror mask
She always understands
We can be what we want to be

Tragedy is in love with me
She never wants to leave
Every evening she follows me

Tragedy is my better half
She helps my heart believe
We can be what we want to be

Second Plan

Was I brave or was I reckless
I can’t decide as I look at this
Mess I’m in with only me to blame

Was it wrong to think that love is
Bigger than the walls around us
Nothing here will ever be the same

Clouds roll in and I roll over
In my bed but it’s not over
Questions linger hanging from
These ceilings where the pain began

I don’t know how to recover
Grasping just to face another
Day where I can understand
To love without a second plan

Was I brave or was I reckless
I can’t decide as I look at this
Mess I’m in with only me to blame

Still I must believe that love is
Bigger than these walls around us
When it comes it changes everything

We Are The Drama

Like rain in the fall
Junkies and addicts
Like we are the drug
Sleeping with static
Out like the law
Blissfully tragic
Like we are in love

We are the drama
Like actors on stages
Playing at manners
Like fad masquerades
We are enigmas
Like books without pages
Living in rainbows
And sleeping in shades

Sad like a symphony
Telling a story
Pensive and poised
Like a cat on a ledge
Brilliant like sparkles
Or stars in their glory
Bold in our risking
Like dancing on edge

We are the drama
Like operas on Sunday
We are the gossip
Like beauty salons
Perfectly scandalous
Secretly perfect
Flawless and lovely
Like naps on the lawn

Mirrored in magic
Like mages in towers
Taken for targets
Like nobles in war
Sweet and fulfilling
Like nectar in flowers
Smooth and unmoving
Like porcelain floors

We are the drama
Like headlines in tabloids
Sliding unseen
Like a hand in a glove
We are the rumors
Like whispers at midnight
We are the envy
Like angels in love

Wrapped Around

Tangled up and gently floating
Bound with painted wires holding
Wound around and threaded closely
Deep within this presence ghostly

Knit with fingers interwoven
Touched by warmth from hearts unfrozen
Lit by flames that flicker brightly
Grasping until held so tightly

Wrapped around and in between
You cover every part of me
As if the lines upon my frame
Were formed to pull you back again
To ravel here our kindred souls
Till which is which we cannot know


Why do pencils have erasers
I guess we expect mistakes
Writing life in lead is safer
Just in case we scar the paper

Every line I wrote you
I made permanent, indelible
Everything I told you
I determined it was true
All the ways I love you
They are honestly imperfect
But I wrote them all in ink
That’s the least that I could do

What kind of coward writes a love note with a pencil
What kind of fool believes that hearts can be erased
What would it take me to forget the things we’ve been through
The lines are crude at times but cannot be replaced

Unfinished Sentences/Vague Replies

Her voice trails off in the distance
As I sit and ponder the weight of the moment
Her eyes speak to me in slow soft cyphers
That dance with the hum of windshield wipers

My thoughts play tricks on my instincts
As she sits and wonders how much I’m decoding
A glance to betray that I see it all perfect
To step in the fire and know that it’s worth it

Unfinished sentences hang in the air
Like finely pressed roses tucked into a page
Unwritten endings and meaningful stares
Ghosts of the things we pretend are not there

Deep Water

Light, unable to pierce
Held in it’s place
Shows not it’s face
Here in the depths
Down where I drift
In the deep water

Night, evasive above
Blankets the waves
Anchor-less graves
Here in the depths
Down where I drift
In the deep water

Cries, haunting in tone
Echoing long
Giants in song
Here in the depths
Down where I drift
In the deep water

Life, left to the swell
Taken by tide
See without eyes
Here in the depths
Down where I drift
In the deep water

Sink, weightless to hold
Rooms without walls
Love without falls
Here in the depths
Down where I drift
In the deep water

Captive by freedom encircled by reason
Caught up believing in life without breathing
Solace in silence suspended in dreaming
Drawn to the hidden by forces of needing

Treasures uncovered in worlds undiscovered
Surfaces broken for dissident lovers
Lungs unadjusted in waters uncharted
Sounding the deep for the turbulent-hearted

Tear Myself Apart

Can you hear the threads explode
As I rip a hole through this open wound
I tried to heal but it won’t stay closed
And the stitches snap like a heart attack

When I tear myself apart
To expose my beating heart
For a lost and lonely world
Let the pain become my art
With the blood my ink to write
As I tear myself apart

Every sinew is woven wrong
Let me shred this tissue and break these bones
Call me human but I’m so much more
You can burn my skin but I’m deep within

And I tear myself apart
To expose this broken heart
For a lost and lonely girl
Let the pain become my art
We will paint our love in blood
As we tear ourselves apart

Reach your hand down farther and feel
There is passion burning there still
From this gash carved here in my chest
Till they dress me and lay me to rest

I will tear myself apart
Take the last of my beating heart
It’s a black and broken world
But the pain is my purest art
And I love you whatever the cost
I would tear myself apart