Sarcasm: The Last True Language Of Love

God so loved the world
But the world so loved itself
Strike a match and start it up
We could use a bit of help

Everything is broken
But we play with it just fine
Keep your hands inside the circle
Keep your things away from mine

Oh, they call it falling
Call it falling if you like
But we fell before we started
And we all are brokenhearted

Dissonance is bliss
All our comedy is free
Light up this apocalypse
And save a seat for me

Amorous and oh-so-coy
Inflated with the words you say
If love is indestructible
Then plunge it through my arteries

Perhaps the silver bullet
To a world full of intelligence
Is found within the confines
If our cynical romanticism

Just when I thought arrogance
Could be the death of us
I took a chance on sentiments
And got shot right through my gut


Enfant Terrible

Sorry so sorry what can I say
Crashing your party so scandalously
Are we oh are we just horrid that way
Black tie affair and we made such a scene

Sorry so sorry we aren’t fitting in
Wearing our costumes and hearts on our sleeve
Are we oh are we a bother my friend
Spiking your drinks with our flavor of dreams

Sorry so sorry such social disgrace
Minding our manners so poorly it seems
Are we oh are we this far out of place
Taking conclusions to furthest extremes

Sorry so sorry the guests are appalled
Staring in horror at chances we take
Are we oh are we so destined to fall
Step after step like the dances we make

Sorry so sorry a blot on your name
So unrefined and unnervingly bold
Are we oh are we completely inane
Bats in the belfry or so I am told

Sorry so sorry we’re not in your class
Desperately daring with arms open wide
Are we oh are we the best and the last
Sacredly strange we are rebels with pride