October Leaves

They say that everything changes
People–they come and they go
Seasons are earth-moods
Like phases we live through
And sometimes we just cannot know

They say that nothing is certain
Life is not quite what we plan
Dying and taxes
The world on it’s axis
Will fumble the dreaming of man

October leaves
Moves like the trees
Comes in with color
And falls with the breeze

October leaves
And I still believe
Things will be better
When we can be free

I’ve heard that rules are for breaking
Skies are not limits at all
I’m not the seasons
And I have my reasons
To hold on much longer than fall

I’ve heard that leaves are for turning
But I have no turning to do
I may be left here
But I’ll do my best, dear
To keep my heart anchored to you

October leaves
Moves like the trees
Stealing the sunshine
And painting the east

October leaves
But it’s not like me
I can brave winter
And last through the spring


Dim Perfection

Autumn ushers overcast reflections
Flannel wraps and woolen hats betray the frailty of
Skin and bones in all our dim perfection
Knit together, fit and clever, better made for love
Harvest sprinkles carpet leaves for winter
Tuck us in our crafted dens like hibernating bears
Bring us dreams to compliment the weather
Sleepy eyes for stormy skies ’till I can meet you there