A Shadow’s Lament

You cannot know the agony
I treasure in my shape
To cling to you through tragedy
To wrap you like a cape
To follow you in ecstasy
To cradle you in love
But live beyond affections
Where I never feel your touch

You cannot know the emptiness
I hold within my arms
To kneel before your beauty
To have witnessed all your charms
To see you in your glamour
To attend you through the day
And linger in the evening
As you strip it all away

You cannot know the sadness
I must bear with every step
The smiles I have shared with you
The secrets I have kept
My faithfulness is perfect
My descriptions always true
I am your best companion
I know everything you do

You cannot see the pain I feel
When, after all these years
You pay no mind to me at all
And covet other’s stares
I spend my life devoted
I caress you as you sleep
I wait for you until you move
I hold you when you weep

I lay with you beneath the sheets
I ask for nothing back
I slip across your reddened cheeks
I wrap your form in black
I never leave you–never could you
Tear me from your side
I study you and paint you true
My lines have never lied

I fondle you and touch you
But you do not seem to care
My movement goes unnoticed
As if I were never there
But I will stay here loving you
Until the very end
And lie forever by you
When they place you in the ground

Shadow’s Edge

The path was cold and sprinkled white
Enwrapped in snow from head to toe
Aglow beneath the lantern lights
But vanishing at shadow’s edge
Into the black eternal night

A pair of soles have left their print
Along beside a second stride
Together there the two souls went
For reasons snow could not describe
Its melting can but leave a hint

Some shadow thrown across their trail
By sleepless trees with restless leaves
Obscures their fate whereon it fell
A cloak upon this evidence
To hush the stories, lest they tell

Of coupled hearts that took their plight
Along this path to part at last
Aglow beneath the lantern lights
But vanishing at shadow’s edge
Into the black eternal night