Dawn, The Omen Of Day

Dawn, the omen of day, with shroud discarded
Pierced with stars retreating
Wields sharpened rays to chase shade
Deep beneath the overhangs
And with it sleep, defeated



To the dark
To the drifting swaths of formless shade
A shape is born
Born from vision shifting–that darting eye from light to night
In faint image so fair
I see you
For shadows, a host you have become
But not like parasites, they feed
For comfort
To you they cling and lay
No better shape is found
In this celestial pool. I decree
A master of the bed on which you lie
That all things large or small may to you concede that their beauty cannot match you
Nor can I
To look
If but in shadow
On your face as still you sleep
No more a lovely picture could a thousand artists paint
Fear not, my darling
I see you
I hold no thing above your thought
Keep no treasure more of worth
I have no need for else in life
But to know that you are mine
Take your rest
Stir when ready
Wake when sated
I will watch you here in shade
As eyes adjust and light subsides
Until tomorrow when you wake
I watch you here and think
There is no grander site
Than you
In day
Or else in night

Love Never Sleeps

Close your eyes and pretend
You have been lifted high on the wind
With the tired world beneath your wings

Let your body succumb
Release your pain and allow it to numb
Wave goodbye to the tops of the trees

Lay your head in my hands
Take a breath and descend
Into oceans of crystal blue

We can go anywhere
Feel the wind in your hair
I will stay here next to you

Sleep next to me
Rest in my love
You can stop moving
But love never does

Dream in my arms
Safe in my keep
Know that I love you
And love never sleeps

Drink the rain with a smile
We can be free and alive for a while
There’s no time that you have to leave

Until the day breaks the dawn
We can lie tangled here all night long
And I’ll try to make you believe

Sleep next to me
Rest and don’t stir
I can be with you
You can be sure

Dream in my arms
Safe in my keep
Know that I love you
And love never sleeps

Deep Retreat

Sink below these
Signs of old
Unearthly call
A song foretold
Dream beneath
Dismembered sky
With eyelids sewn
And hearts on fire
Drawn and quartered
Soundless cries
Awake, awake
Asleep it lies
Oh, heartless moon
Oh, voiceless night
Unwind these ties
Which bind so tight
Embrace unseen
In shadows kept
For dance, for drink
For death has slept
And crept here ‘neath
This shallow rest
Not deep, this grave
As fabric pressed
Unformed in day
These denizens
Escort my way
From here, my friends
As chants resound
In solemn tone
Bring all within
And bring all home
Envelope here
A safe repose
Come oft’ before
Our time must go
To me, oh silent
Warming arms
Not flesh nor blood
Not one can harm
To be at rest
To swoon and sleep
Alone, unharmed
In deep retreat

Slight Glow

By the glow
By the very slight glow
Of a tiny red light
From the charger on my phone
I can see
I can almost make out
All the pretty little monsters underneath my bed
As my muscles let go
And I sink into sheets
I can almost hear them giggling below me
As I drift off in sleep


Subtle illusions awake
Taking the form of a figure so pale
Softly enshrouded
Bound and enraptured
Spun in a gossamer web I am captured

Shimmering embers of flame
Mocking the reach of my desperate touch
Drawn and enfolded
Held and enchanted
Taken in silence these storms have demanded

Currents converging in flesh
Stroking the edge of an infinite spark
Fully surrounded
Merciful phantom
Stolen for words and by gaze held at ransom

Surfaces feint and deceiving
Mimic unhindered a contour willing
Yielded for distance
Supple for friction
Perfect reflection and perfectly fiction

Passing ethereal drone
Sheer apparition of dream or of air
Molded from wishes
Vaporous passion
Cruel substitution for form fairer fashioned

Banish this hollow mirage
Scatter this heartless seduction of wind
Out with your pretense
Off with your scheming
My lover warms me much better than dreaming

Close with her skin I am calmed
Drowned in her gaze and revived in her arms
Touch everlasting
Voice ever calling
Drunken in love as a fool ever falling

Devious sleep I renounce
Nothing of magic or myth I require
Bring me the dawn
Give me my life
Let us be dreams for the sleepers tonight

To Sleep To Sleep

To sleep to sleep
To rest and dream
To drink the night into the veins
To sleep to sleep
Recline and lie
Within a dark ethereal plane
To sleep to sleep
To find you there
To flee this waking revelry
To sleep to sleep
And then create
The world as I think it should be
To sleep to sleep
For just a while
To be released of all of this
To sleep to sleep
In twilight arms
And sink beneath la luna’s kiss
To sleep to sleep
To mimic death
To dance with ghosts and speak with air
To sleep to sleep
To seek your face
To hope that I may meet you there