Further Out

Carefully, carefully each piece is fitted for unearthly pressures and strange atmospheres
Charting and planning this voyage to never return
Checking the hatches we make every effort to preserve the pressure and seal in the air
Counting in sequence; the boosters beginning to burn

Here at the dawn with our chins lifted high
To the moon and beyond
Further out

Tipping our hats to the friends standing by
We are already gone
Further out

Into the ink of a fathomless evening these fires will drive us a lifetime from here
Guided by only a dream and the things that we made
Gravity tied to our ankles could not stop the breaking at last as the world disappears
Weightless, and empty we dance on the edge of this blade

Limits were set for the innocent sky
But we never belonged
On the ground

Dangerous business captured our eye
From the mysteries held
Further out

Look for our light when the clouds have all cleared
Out with the stars on the galaxy floor
Reaching for what is not offered down here
Breaching the distance, persistent for more


Electric Galaxies

On silken blades
In rays of bronze and golden bathed
The scent of Aspen dangles
From the overhangs
As spring pretends
It never came

The storms will paint
Ephemeral colossus shapes
When dipped into the dying
Blood of sunlit rays
And we pretend
We’re vapor made

To float away
Into electric galaxies
Accessorized with densely
Clinging memories
And we pretend
It’s fantasy