Sky On Fire

Corona-struck horizon lines
Emblossomed Into sparks and lit
A blanket of the clouds aflame
Atop the western reach
Their crumpled edges flickered white
Against a hint of coming night
And lit the sky in fire bright
‘Till every corner each
Inherited the ember hues
That painted red an evening sand
And spilt upon our tender skin
In final faded pleas
But we denied the dying sky
Until at last the blaze on high
Inhaled its final breath and died
Extinguished by the sea


Electric Galaxies

On silken blades
In rays of bronze and golden bathed
The scent of Aspen dangles
From the overhangs
As spring pretends
It never came

The storms will paint
Ephemeral colossus shapes
When dipped into the dying
Blood of sunlit rays
And we pretend
We’re vapor made

To float away
Into electric galaxies
Accessorized with densely
Clinging memories
And we pretend
It’s fantasy