Stormy Eyes & Teary Skies

The forecast today
Calls for stormy eyes and teary skies
So let’s cast away
Into waters others left uncharted
For my best mistakes
I have photographs and faded laughs
We all have to pay
When the tide reclaims the brokenhearted

The sails are aimed against the breeze
Without a care for adverse weather
The gales we blame for our misdeeds
Lead us away from safer waters
If we should fail to make it home
And we are stranded here forever
We knew the crossing would be deep
But vowed the danger did not matter

The forecast today
Calls for jaded hearts and shooting stars
The uncertainty
Of a map without a destination
If all I can take
Is this treasure trove of buried love
Then I must believe
It was worth the worst of complications

The holds are emptied of their crates
An aftermath of bitter evenings
To stay afloat amidst the waves
Far from the shores we chose for leaving
I hold the course and challenge fate
Above the black abyss of sorrow
This weeping sky will wash away
The stains our stormy eyes have borrowed


In Absence Of Tears

When I could cry no longer
My tears became a fire
A brand upon my passion
To set the world ablaze

When I could cry no longer
My eyes abandoned color
Abrasions from the anger
Impressed upon my gaze

When I could cry no longer
The shadows in my corners
These denizens distorted
Invaded my respite

When I could cry no longer
My life became my torture
My waking turned to anguish
Which followed me to night

When I could cry no longer
The emptiness and hunger
The stresses I was under
Became a prison cell

When I could cry no longer
My grief became the sulfur
My pain became the chamber
My mind became a hell