Too Soon

Press your fingers on the wound
We can’t
We can’t allow the blood
To leak away–this is too soon
A love no memory can fill

Breathe again–you cannot stop
I want
I need your eyes to move
Do not succumb collapse and swoon
These gashes surely have to heal

Take my hand–you must respond
I won’t
I cannot leave you now
If only just an utterance
Bestow a sound upon my ears

Look within these pleading eyes
We were
We are the stronger sort
No matter how our heart is hurt
The pain reminds us it is there

Oh, agony has pricked
Into the depths of what I hoped
But still the battle rages deep
Beneath the skin of my desire

Oh, the beauty we inflict
Upon a world that never knew
Has been distorted into blame
To feed the embers of our fire

Oh, you know I’d give the last
Of every breath I’ve yet to take
To pull you safely from the fray
Into the circle of my heart

Oh, you cannot slip away
Beneath the torrent of this pain
There is so much for which to stay
And I am not retreating yet


Armored For The Moon

Armored for the moon, we are
An arbitrary tercet
Casting blatant disregard
Across the face of gravity
Cavalier for passion
In a reckless sort of fashion
Trading atmosphere for purer air
To fuel our fantasies

Cradled for the night, we were
A perfect convalescence
Woven fingers under blankets
We assaulted northern lights
Crafted after seriphs
Vaguely odd and plainly careless
Making love and taking dares, we made
Our memories in the night

Overlaid with grace, we are
An everlasting circle
In an orbit better set
Than all the dreams to come behind
Burning up on entry
Like a star on course for centuries
We set our mark to heaven
And our love became divine

Love Never Sleeps

Close your eyes and pretend
You have been lifted high on the wind
With the tired world beneath your wings

Let your body succumb
Release your pain and allow it to numb
Wave goodbye to the tops of the trees

Lay your head in my hands
Take a breath and descend
Into oceans of crystal blue

We can go anywhere
Feel the wind in your hair
I will stay here next to you

Sleep next to me
Rest in my love
You can stop moving
But love never does

Dream in my arms
Safe in my keep
Know that I love you
And love never sleeps

Drink the rain with a smile
We can be free and alive for a while
There’s no time that you have to leave

Until the day breaks the dawn
We can lie tangled here all night long
And I’ll try to make you believe

Sleep next to me
Rest and don’t stir
I can be with you
You can be sure

Dream in my arms
Safe in my keep
Know that I love you
And love never sleeps

Inner Circle

I have you surrounded
Like Saturn is surrounded by it’s rings
Taken you in so deep you are
Like the blood within my veins
Close as the atoms that I’m crushing
When I pull you firmly in
So much a part my heart can’t tell
Where I could end and you begin

Come inside my arms
In the circle where
I can keep you warm
Safe protected there
You don’t need to be
Far away from me
Leave the outside world
Come inside my arms

I have you surrendered
Like the french in every war they ever fought
I think I want to steal your heart
And I don’t care if I get caught
I need you near me
Like the seashore needs the ocean’s touch
Take me and wrap me up
Like a blanket on your shoulders, love

I Saw Love

Bathed in fading sunlight
On a golden summer’s eve
I saw love the size of mountains
In the way you look at me

Tiny little pinholes
Pierce a dusky charcoal sky
I saw love the size of planets
In the iris of your eye

Struck in muffled rhythm
Through the fabric of your dress
I saw love the size of heartbeats
In the passion you confess

Bursting through the confines
Of your body where it lay
I saw love as tall as Heaven
And invited it to stay

Ghost In Me

Shutters closed so tightly
Everything is hidden out of view
Rooms adorned and waiting quietly
Behind these curtains that I drew

The fire burning brightly
Music fills these empty halls
With me she visits nightly
The vaults echo her call

The paths are overgrown
No one tends the garden anymore
Symphonies performed unknown
Memories from distant shores

Buried in the courtyard
Tapestries of dead desires
Wakened under new stars
Burning like a funeral pyre

She haunts my heart
She knows all the secret parts
Walks through my doors
Like I never even closed them

She haunts my dreams
She knows all my deepest things
Opens my thoughts
Like I never even closed them


Starlit vigilantes under static skies
Angel-haired accomplices in love
Catapult the moon into her comatose eyes
Center axis captured in withdrawals from these raptures

Ceremony alibis and counterparts
Catacombs and hieroglyphic sighs
Severed from recovery these overdose hearts
Fumbling the ecstasy of infinite complexity

Sterile conversation-broken overtones
Fashioning asylum from resolve
Vague articulations uttered soft into phones
Surrogate anticipation stricken from these situations

Aboral transmitted arcs of destiny
Sheltered underneath our baited stare
Canonized as saints beneath cathedrals of leaves
Whispered into silent voices wired to our tangled choices

October Leaves

They say that everything changes
People–they come and they go
Seasons are earth-moods
Like phases we live through
And sometimes we just cannot know

They say that nothing is certain
Life is not quite what we plan
Dying and taxes
The world on it’s axis
Will fumble the dreaming of man

October leaves
Moves like the trees
Comes in with color
And falls with the breeze

October leaves
And I still believe
Things will be better
When we can be free

I’ve heard that rules are for breaking
Skies are not limits at all
I’m not the seasons
And I have my reasons
To hold on much longer than fall

I’ve heard that leaves are for turning
But I have no turning to do
I may be left here
But I’ll do my best, dear
To keep my heart anchored to you

October leaves
Moves like the trees
Stealing the sunshine
And painting the east

October leaves
But it’s not like me
I can brave winter
And last through the spring


Embattled fates awaiting
With empty handed pose
Against the odds
We all were crazy crazy I suppose

Upturning palms believing
These borders cannot hold
A better love
We all were crazy crazy I suppose

We burn like lit cigars
Afraid of who we are
But these are skies for taking
And seas for separating

We stand on broken past
Our face against the glass
Makeshift disguises fading
To take a cause worth saving

Forevermore I am a whisper
Trapped between a pair of lips
Forevermore we are cluster
Locked together in a twist

And crazy crazy I am maybe
Getting there much faster lately
Casualties of better war
To fight for love forevermore


For a minute there I thought I heard
The sound of your heart in time with mine
Fast asleep in my arms but when you stirred
I caught a glimpse of the divine
Fingers woven as one we lay so still
Your eyes are stars that went to bed
I’ve been captive and held against my will
But now I’m free and I stay instead

This is something like art or origami
Taking the shape of how you love me
This is something like knitting lives together
Pictures that I will keep forever

By the light of a flickering amusement
We are innocent dreams that never died
Under cloak of a hidden heart agenda
Living simple and baffling the wise
To the moon we have seen the fate awaiting
And yet we are fearless in his face
There is nothing that life can do to harm me
If you lie safe in my embrace

Visiting Hours

The windows are clean
The pillows are soft
The sheets are pristine
The TV is off

I miss you so much
Won’t you come around
We haven’t heard a whisper
We haven’t heard a sound

If can hear me
If you are awake
I came to see you
So you don’t forget

I don’t have a lot
But I brought you flowers
I’m only allowed
For visiting hours

The medicine is stronger
The treatments are longer
Than we could have dreamed

I know that you’re tired
And you don’t belong here
But I still believe

One day the doctor
Will tell us you’re better
And you’re ready to leave

But I will keep coming
And sitting beside you
Until you revive

The bed is adjusted
The magazines placed
My fingers are warm
On your quiet face

I miss you so much
I wish you were here
Just wanted to say
There is someone who cares

Midnight Sky

Tug a cloud from the horizon
Wrap the atmosphere around
Snuggle warm in constellations
Floating weightless without sound
Dance the milky way to nowhere
Set the particles alight
Turn your eyes a little brighter
Underneath a midnight sky

Dream For You

Being alive will always
Come with circumstances we can’t change
These bitter nights will always
Come with chances for a brighter day
Sometimes the fight will take us
Far away from where we want to be
But it’s alright to lose your
Focus for a moment if you need

I will dream for you
And believe in bigger things
You don’t have to make it through
I will bear you on my wings

When your hope is gone
And the world is wrong
Let your heart be calm
I will dream for you

We all need something that is
Far too large for us to do alone
We all need someone who can
Find us when we lose our way back home
We all need dreams that help us
See the world like no one else before
We all need keys that let us
Open up our deepest inner doors

I will dream for you
And believe in bigger things
You don’t have to make it through
I will bear you on my wings

When your hope is gone
And the world is wrong
Let your heart be calm
I will dream for you

She Does

She steals the colors from the rainbows
Ties them up neatly in her hair
She pulls aurora from out of the northern
Lights and mixes it in her tears
She takes the sparkle from the diamonds
Captures it perfectly in her eyes
She keeps the comforting scent of the cool spring rain
As an unexpected surprise

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can turn the world upside down for me
But she does

She took the mystery out of the oceans
Holds the deep gently inside her smile
She drained the majesty out of the mountains
Repaints it perfectly with every stride
She is the melody to every chorus
She is the rhythm to every rhyme
She moved the axis of every planet
Until we’re perfectly aligned

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can calm the turbulence inside of me
But she does

She stopped the beating in my chest
Just with the thought that she walked in the room
Swept all the oxygen out of my breath
Chased every shadow from out of the gloom
She shook the dust off of the stars
Sprinkled it sweetly into her laugh
She shouldn’t be so irresistible
But she’s just perfect like that

But it’s not the things she does
Its in the way that she loves
And I can’t believe that she
Would even bother to notice me
But she does

If I Had Known You

If I had known you
I would have held you
If I could hold you
I would tell you

You’re the best thing to happen lately here

And I know we deserve these tears

But in a better world they would understand

So sleep now and dream

It’s not the end
This is not surrender
I’m fighting for a friend
And hoping you remember
I will never run
I can be your wings
So sleep now and dream

If you are lonely
If you’re alone
Then you can call me
I’ll bring you home

Because you’re the best thing to happen lately here

And I know we can’t change the years

But in a better world everything would all make sense

So sleep now and dream

What have we done?
Where did we go?
If I should vanish
This you should know
Something I’ve saved here
Something we shared
Things that are sacred
Know that Im there

If I had known you
I would have held you
If I could hold you
Then I would tell you

You are the best thing to happen here
You are the best thing to come around…

Carve In The Stars

I’m not the kind
To make it through love without scars
I’ve spent my life
Running away from these wars
Fighting to find
Meaning in all that we are
Crossing the lines
That lead us to where we are more

We’ll write the words they carve in the stars when we’re gone
We’ll fight the battles we lost in the lines of these songs
We’ll be the questions for answers we knew all along
We’ll be immortal in legends where lovers belong

We Are The Drama

Like rain in the fall
Junkies and addicts
Like we are the drug
Sleeping with static
Out like the law
Blissfully tragic
Like we are in love

We are the drama
Like actors on stages
Playing at manners
Like fad masquerades
We are enigmas
Like books without pages
Living in rainbows
And sleeping in shades

Sad like a symphony
Telling a story
Pensive and poised
Like a cat on a ledge
Brilliant like sparkles
Or stars in their glory
Bold in our risking
Like dancing on edge

We are the drama
Like operas on Sunday
We are the gossip
Like beauty salons
Perfectly scandalous
Secretly perfect
Flawless and lovely
Like naps on the lawn

Mirrored in magic
Like mages in towers
Taken for targets
Like nobles in war
Sweet and fulfilling
Like nectar in flowers
Smooth and unmoving
Like porcelain floors

We are the drama
Like headlines in tabloids
Sliding unseen
Like a hand in a glove
We are the rumors
Like whispers at midnight
We are the envy
Like angels in love

Wrapped Around

Tangled up and gently floating
Bound with painted wires holding
Wound around and threaded closely
Deep within this presence ghostly

Knit with fingers interwoven
Touched by warmth from hearts unfrozen
Lit by flames that flicker brightly
Grasping until held so tightly

Wrapped around and in between
You cover every part of me
As if the lines upon my frame
Were formed to pull you back again
To ravel here our kindred souls
Till which is which we cannot know


Why do pencils have erasers
I guess we expect mistakes
Writing life in lead is safer
Just in case we scar the paper

Every line I wrote you
I made permanent, indelible
Everything I told you
I determined it was true
All the ways I love you
They are honestly imperfect
But I wrote them all in ink
That’s the least that I could do

What kind of coward writes a love note with a pencil
What kind of fool believes that hearts can be erased
What would it take me to forget the things we’ve been through
The lines are crude at times but cannot be replaced

Unfinished Sentences/Vague Replies

Her voice trails off in the distance
As I sit and ponder the weight of the moment
Her eyes speak to me in slow soft cyphers
That dance with the hum of windshield wipers

My thoughts play tricks on my instincts
As she sits and wonders how much I’m decoding
A glance to betray that I see it all perfect
To step in the fire and know that it’s worth it

Unfinished sentences hang in the air
Like finely pressed roses tucked into a page
Unwritten endings and meaningful stares
Ghosts of the things we pretend are not there