Warm bodies
Red dawns
The light, the night, the vacant room

Torn follies
Dead songs
The sea, the shore, the distant moon

While feeling secretly disposable
In castles made of sand
We fight the tide and hold the waves at bay
Pretending that we can

Prevent the wake of this apocalypse
When all we have is us
Against the forces of the universe
Like delegates of love



She sends me photographs
She writes on the back
The date and a short description

I send her paper hearts
And orphan thoughts
The world never paid attention

We danced to a tune we didn’t know
With eyes like a prophecy and I
Could never have seen the way we’d go
But I would have danced it anyway

She tells me she never wants to leave
I promise to take her by my side
Regardless of things we couldn’t see
I would have danced it anyway

We separate a place
Where we can be safe
Away from our own devices

We went too far to turn
With little concern
For all of these strange surprised

We danced to a tune we didn’t know
With eyes like a prophecy and I
Could never have seen the way we’d go
But I would have danced it anyway

She tells me she never wants to leave
I promise to take her by my side
Regardless of things we couldn’t see
I would have danced it anyway

Armored For The Moon

Armored for the moon, we are
An arbitrary tercet
Casting blatant disregard
Across the face of gravity
Cavalier for passion
In a reckless sort of fashion
Trading atmosphere for purer air
To fuel our fantasies

Cradled for the night, we were
A perfect convalescence
Woven fingers under blankets
We assaulted northern lights
Crafted after seriphs
Vaguely odd and plainly careless
Making love and taking dares, we made
Our memories in the night

Overlaid with grace, we are
An everlasting circle
In an orbit better set
Than all the dreams to come behind
Burning up on entry
Like a star on course for centuries
We set our mark to heaven
And our love became divine


Rebuking lines
Bent toward a spent path
We grasped sovereignty
In soft, open palms

Side by side

Clasped in risk
Inset with uncertain sparkles
We spoke
Of things unsaid
With hushed, sideways smiles

Side by side

And, to the unsuspecting
A banner sewed of patchwork
We raised
With intrepid dreams
Against gale force life

Side by side

Drunk on hope
Of a distant vintage
We stood
Like newly birthed fawns
In an open field of predators

Side by side

Facing upward
Expressions unfolded
We were
Like flowers blooming
Flushed red with new warmth

Side by side

A bizarre spectacle
Of magic and mystery
We appeared
As practicing wizards
In a land of unlawful spells

Side by side

Drawing mobs
Pressed by presumption
We fell
Beneath the onslaught
Of small thought eyes

Side by side

But I prefer
The amenities of my liberty
In cells
Built to conceal
The possibilities of being

Side by side

Our hearts knit
May never beat in close proximity
Yet we are
Forever made of cords
Unbroken from despair

Side by side

Asking nothing
But the grace we engraved
Inside our skin
To heal our stripes
Disproportionate to our crimes

Side by side

And will be forever alive
If only at heart
Recklessly unashamed
To have been

Side by side

When paths are drawn
Unbeaten before me
I vow
No fear to show
And on them we will go

Side by side

Taking your thought
And a love we all conceived
I know
The deepest magic comes
To those who walk

Side by side

Inner Circle

I have you surrounded
Like Saturn is surrounded by it’s rings
Taken you in so deep you are
Like the blood within my veins
Close as the atoms that I’m crushing
When I pull you firmly in
So much a part my heart can’t tell
Where I could end and you begin

Come inside my arms
In the circle where
I can keep you warm
Safe protected there
You don’t need to be
Far away from me
Leave the outside world
Come inside my arms

I have you surrendered
Like the french in every war they ever fought
I think I want to steal your heart
And I don’t care if I get caught
I need you near me
Like the seashore needs the ocean’s touch
Take me and wrap me up
Like a blanket on your shoulders, love

I Saw Love

Bathed in fading sunlight
On a golden summer’s eve
I saw love the size of mountains
In the way you look at me

Tiny little pinholes
Pierce a dusky charcoal sky
I saw love the size of planets
In the iris of your eye

Struck in muffled rhythm
Through the fabric of your dress
I saw love the size of heartbeats
In the passion you confess

Bursting through the confines
Of your body where it lay
I saw love as tall as Heaven
And invited it to stay

Appointment With Dreams

Tuck your sleepy eyes into their lids
Unbutton your sense of reality
Slip out of the trappings of this life
Place your paper face up for the night

Hang your armored skin out on the line
Zip into a warm inviting mood
Let the tension fall out of your hair
Drink the constellations from the air

Still one more appointment made to keep
Don’t forget to meet me in your dreams
As your body sinks into it’s sleep
Strap your spirit, weightless, into wings

Brace against the early morning tide
Stay with me until we flee the night
Life is never quite the way it seems
Don’t forget to meet me in your dreams

October Leaves

They say that everything changes
People–they come and they go
Seasons are earth-moods
Like phases we live through
And sometimes we just cannot know

They say that nothing is certain
Life is not quite what we plan
Dying and taxes
The world on it’s axis
Will fumble the dreaming of man

October leaves
Moves like the trees
Comes in with color
And falls with the breeze

October leaves
And I still believe
Things will be better
When we can be free

I’ve heard that rules are for breaking
Skies are not limits at all
I’m not the seasons
And I have my reasons
To hold on much longer than fall

I’ve heard that leaves are for turning
But I have no turning to do
I may be left here
But I’ll do my best, dear
To keep my heart anchored to you

October leaves
Moves like the trees
Stealing the sunshine
And painting the east

October leaves
But it’s not like me
I can brave winter
And last through the spring


Embattled fates awaiting
With empty handed pose
Against the odds
We all were crazy crazy I suppose

Upturning palms believing
These borders cannot hold
A better love
We all were crazy crazy I suppose

We burn like lit cigars
Afraid of who we are
But these are skies for taking
And seas for separating

We stand on broken past
Our face against the glass
Makeshift disguises fading
To take a cause worth saving

Forevermore I am a whisper
Trapped between a pair of lips
Forevermore we are cluster
Locked together in a twist

And crazy crazy I am maybe
Getting there much faster lately
Casualties of better war
To fight for love forevermore


Into the strong unbeating heart
I drove my blade and made the mark
And there upon its rigid side
The letters stayed with time

A thought engraved in wood and bark
Portrayed above has stayed through dark
And lasted though the blade is rust
Yet still remain the lines

I cut upon that summer noon
A shape into the deep maroon
And bled the life force of the plant
To make forever sure

A message could be seen and read
Beyond the day they find me dead
And evermore the cut will last
A sign to still endure

Into my strong and beating heart
You drove your love and made a mark
And there so deep the cut was made
And so will stay with time

Though pain it cost still love remains
And evermore will speak the same
To say you gave yourself to me
And I may call you mine

336 Hours

These hands are holding me back
These hands they can’t even feel
Time has no mind to understand
How well it’s hands can heal
Or how slow it’s hands can go
When I am trying to get home
When I’m driving in the dark
Or at altitude alone

These feet are holding me back
These feet they don’t even move
Miles have no mind to understand
How many feet that I drove
Or how many more I must go
When I want to be with you
When I’m running open roads
Oh the miles never knew

But I am only three hundred thirty-six hours out from the end of this journey I’m making

Every hour three thousand seconds reminding me painfully how long it’s taking

Just to get home to the place I began to the place I left and left you standing

I hope you know every minute I’m gone is a minute I spend desperately planning

How I can get back to you

Distant Relation

Strike through the heart
Shatter the veil and proceed
Lives on vast ocean
Scattered amidst the world they believe
Asphalt and pine
Twisted together
Acres of lights
Parcels of heather
Tiny, like the circuits
In some massive machine
Blinking at me
Winking at me?
Somewhere within
Just like me
In some distant relation
Though some may doubt
Which situation
Spawned us all
Still all we are
Is bound
From here to the beyond
Fast flowing
Bloodstream enemy; alias; ally
That is I
Or we are us
Untouched, perhaps
But yet touched
And here
Is that not validation
We are relation

Midnight Sky

Tug a cloud from the horizon
Wrap the atmosphere around
Snuggle warm in constellations
Floating weightless without sound
Dance the milky way to nowhere
Set the particles alight
Turn your eyes a little brighter
Underneath a midnight sky

Still There

The days have passed so slowly
Yet the time elapsed with grace
I often miss your presence here with me

I wonder if you’d know me
If you’d recognize my face
But somehow I know we will always be

Still there
Deep down where
Nothing can touch us
Nothing can break us

Still there
Like the moments we share
You will find safety
Here in my heart

The life that I discovered
Hasn’t always been the best
Some days seem much harder than they should

I want to tell you everything
But I can’t do that yet
I just want to tell you that I would

You are still there
Deep down where
I don’t forget you
I don’t regret you

You are still there
And yes I still care
You will find safety
Here in my heart

Even if the earth keeps turning
Pulling us apart
I will be a better person
With you in my heart
Nothing here is ever perfect
I just thought I’d say
Even though I cannot see you
I think every day

You are still there
Deep down where
I don’t forget you
I don’t regret you

You are still there
And yes I still care
You will find safety
Here in my heart

She Does

She steals the colors from the rainbows
Ties them up neatly in her hair
She pulls aurora from out of the northern
Lights and mixes it in her tears
She takes the sparkle from the diamonds
Captures it perfectly in her eyes
She keeps the comforting scent of the cool spring rain
As an unexpected surprise

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can turn the world upside down for me
But she does

She took the mystery out of the oceans
Holds the deep gently inside her smile
She drained the majesty out of the mountains
Repaints it perfectly with every stride
She is the melody to every chorus
She is the rhythm to every rhyme
She moved the axis of every planet
Until we’re perfectly aligned

But it’s not the things she does
It’s in the way that she loves
And I am amazed that she
Can calm the turbulence inside of me
But she does

She stopped the beating in my chest
Just with the thought that she walked in the room
Swept all the oxygen out of my breath
Chased every shadow from out of the gloom
She shook the dust off of the stars
Sprinkled it sweetly into her laugh
She shouldn’t be so irresistible
But she’s just perfect like that

But it’s not the things she does
Its in the way that she loves
And I can’t believe that she
Would even bother to notice me
But she does

Carve In The Stars

I’m not the kind
To make it through love without scars
I’ve spent my life
Running away from these wars
Fighting to find
Meaning in all that we are
Crossing the lines
That lead us to where we are more

We’ll write the words they carve in the stars when we’re gone
We’ll fight the battles we lost in the lines of these songs
We’ll be the questions for answers we knew all along
We’ll be immortal in legends where lovers belong

Wrapped Around

Tangled up and gently floating
Bound with painted wires holding
Wound around and threaded closely
Deep within this presence ghostly

Knit with fingers interwoven
Touched by warmth from hearts unfrozen
Lit by flames that flicker brightly
Grasping until held so tightly

Wrapped around and in between
You cover every part of me
As if the lines upon my frame
Were formed to pull you back again
To ravel here our kindred souls
Till which is which we cannot know

If Sleep Were A Flavor Of Tea

If sleep were a flavor of tea
The heart of the leaves like a drug
When taken in warm in the eve
Would dispatch the wakeful at length

If sleep were a color of paint
It’s qualities captured in brush
When spread on the canvas and seen
Would lull any eye into dreams

If sleep were a note on the scale
The sound like an ambient hum
When struck in the silence and heard
Could seduce and subdue with its verse

If sleep were a kind of perfume
A subtle narcotic of scent
When tested and taken in breath
Could trigger the symptoms of death

If sleep were a texture of skin
A soothing serene sort of touch
When pressed against lips and returned
Could quiet the senses and calm

Then I should be perfect at rest
Asleep as the sleep of the dead
If sleep were as simple as this
And the senses alive in my head

But sleep is a shadow that fades
In the light of my wishes and pleas
Alone without sense and in wishing I wish
That sleep were a flavor of tea

But I have no tea and no paint
No music nor scent to imbibe
No kisses to take me to comfort
No help for exhaustion tonight

And so I have nothing to dream
And nothing in which to recline
No sense of the senses to sense
No picture for my frame of mind

Alone in the quiet I write
And wait for the final repose
Till near me you’re able to be
Or sleep is a flavor of tea

Hands As Hearts

With hands as hearts
Across the gulf
In silence marks
The state of us

For words un-spoke
A phantom touch
Our feelings wrote
With shapes and such

With hands as hearts
By fingers made
In times apart
Can speak and say

This passing chance
I take at risk
To steal your glance
And show you this

With hands as hearts
Expressions drawn
In resolution
Hushed and calm

For distant eyes
And captive views
A thought implied
That “I love you”


Why do pencils have erasers
I guess we expect mistakes
Writing life in lead is safer
Just in case we scar the paper

Every line I wrote you
I made permanent, indelible
Everything I told you
I determined it was true
All the ways I love you
They are honestly imperfect
But I wrote them all in ink
That’s the least that I could do

What kind of coward writes a love note with a pencil
What kind of fool believes that hearts can be erased
What would it take me to forget the things we’ve been through
The lines are crude at times but cannot be replaced