What makes a diamond grand
Or a jewels fair
Or a pearl fetch a golden coin
Who takes a tag in hand
And places there
A value for an object made
Why do the buyers buy
Or sellers sell
Economies advance or fall
How do the critics write
And plan so well
Or judge on wholesomeness at all

Is not the value of a thing
Then based on what a man will pay
For going cost is all in vain
Without a hand with which to trade
No numbers wrote betray the worth
Nor volumes tell the gravity
The heart that longing chooses this
Determines what the rate must be
And if this heart determines so
That nothing higher holds it’s gaze
The price may seem impossible
And yet that heart will choose to pay
For worth above all else may ask
The last of breath or best of life
And when in love that value lies
Then nothing seems too high a price