For A Moment The World Does Not Exist

Float off inside the hum
Like a monotonous choir
Of a small mechanical device
Serenading me
I can feel at peace
As if the world does not exist
And I am not in it
But gone
Far away in some dimension
Where belonging is not a quest
And living is not a duty
For a moment I am unconcerned
With all the things that burdened these seconds
With life and love and sanctity
And I can just be


32 responses to “For A Moment The World Does Not Exist

  1. I love both as well. I am often comforted by your lines. I love this one. Such a dreamy poem. Makes me long for picnics along the rings of Saturn. Even if that’s not what you meant for it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Serenity….. in between times, I call it, VW, …. floating in a vacuum of weightless and protective silence. Recharging the mental batteries. (and boy oh boy,. do mine need recharging..!! Mental wise πŸ˜‰ ) xPenx

  3. Comforting and restful. Wonderful words they are perfect when I can not seem to escape as if it some how helps me πŸ™‚

  4. In the midst of a single moment tranquility of the mind can be so enriching, and yet as the reality surges into consciousness of being there is a multifaceted flow of energy that only the one at peace can fathom, in a neverending capsule of pure thought…

    I really like this
    one Vampire weather πŸ™‚


  5. I’m reminded of the increadible highs
    I often get when laying on the floor of
    a dark room and listening to music. By
    consentrating on the sound, I attain a
    level of happiness so great, I wonder
    if it’s possible to be too happy – or so
    happy it hurts. Is this what is giong on
    when people speak in toungues and
    claim to be haveing a religious

    • There are not many feelings better than a dark place to listen to music uninterrupted. I used to set up a full sound system in my room, put pillows on the floor, turn out the lights and listen to music for hours. It really is like a religious experience. Almost all religions employ music, and I think that is rightfully so. There is even an intriguing argument that the Genesis account of creation was God singing the world into existence, not simply speaking. After all “Universe” is from the root word we still use today to describe music and poetry. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  6. Such a remarkable tale of peace. I hope you are you more often. For what I have seen, you are a beautiful soul and a kind heart. One that knows pain but has also felt joy. I love reading your words, they are truley inspiring.

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