Passing Cars

Afternoon shade lazily lays over pale cement
As we watch the passing cars beyond the fence

Bending in the wake the wild oats tremble on their stems
And I cannot help but feel these accidents

Summer found an exit sign and passed the stage along
For the gentle breezes autumn conjures here

Freshly cut St. Augustine perfumes the scattered lawns
As the sunny days begin to disappear

I remember everything as if it were today
And I wonder how tomorrow will respond

Caught inside the thought of being carried far away
I can drink my drink and listen to a song

Life is unpredictable like weather in the fall
And the storms can shape the landscape of our hearts

Time arrives and leaves without a curtesy at all
Like the steady hum of all these passing cars


City Is A Drug

Shoot it in beneath my skin
The halogen
The incandescent
Running through the streams within
The city is a drug

Close my eyes and breathe it in
The stinging scent
Of crowded pavement
Exiting the valves and vents
The city is a drug

Pour it out and drink it down
The taxi cabs
The frantic sounds
Window saints in curtain gowns
The city is a drug

Place the capsule on my tongue
With clouded lungs
Dissolving into songs unsung
The city is a drug

Along For The Ride

Urban walls cascade along the interstate
Old abandoned inns and shoddy bars
Corner stations keep their place like sentinels
Watching over rows of passing cars

I collide with feeling I am in another life
Maybe like an actor in a movie
Stealing glances at the faces as they pass me by
Eyes distracted seem to look right through me

But it’s fine for me
Because I just want to be
Alive on the street
With a sidewalk beneath
Nowhere to go
But that’s just where I want
And I walk with the thought
That this grey city block
Is home for now
And it’s good to be alive
With my hands and feet untied
I will take you in my mind
Along for the ride