City Is A Drug

Shoot it in beneath my skin
The halogen
The incandescent
Running through the streams within
The city is a drug

Close my eyes and breathe it in
The stinging scent
Of crowded pavement
Exiting the valves and vents
The city is a drug

Pour it out and drink it down
The taxi cabs
The frantic sounds
Window saints in curtain gowns
The city is a drug

Place the capsule on my tongue
With clouded lungs
Dissolving into songs unsung
The city is a drug


8 responses to “City Is A Drug

  1. wow, awesome poem. simple words enchanting enough to become a drug. πŸ™‚

    we love to portray the rural landscape as beautiful, so we see a lots of poems on that topic. the city beckons a mysterious and eerie sense and only the bold would take inspiration to pen words.

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