A Future

Wounded child
Lift your head
You are safe here

Broken heart
Take your rest
You are safe here

In the end everything will fade away
Until then there is still a hiding place
When the world seems a heavy weight to bear
Keep your faith child keep your faith

Find the future
Take the moments you’ve been given
Be the dreamer
Make a life that’s worth the living
There are plans that are much larger than you see
When you do not understand what they may be
Just remember
You have a future

Empty hands
Join again
You are safe here

Tired eyes
Sleep tonight
You are safe here

In the dark it is hard to see the cause
There is hope for the weary and the lost
Don’t forget there will always be a choice
Keep the faith child keep the faith


13 responses to “A Future

    • Sister

      I love this girl
      She’s my sister
      She brightens up my world
      When she’s gone I really miss her

      Best friends of the closest kind
      You tell me your secrets
      I’ll tell you all mine

      Rebuilding old cars, creating gifts
      Painting, gardening or crafts
      You teach me this
      I’ll teach you that

      They ask us if we can share a plate
      We giggle because they don’t know
      We share more memories than we meant to create

      Inside jokes and
      Late night laughter
      I’ll take your hand
      Because you’re my sister

  1. Thank you for your comment. I just found out my husband wants a divorce . its hard to keep your faith when youre in so much pain. thank you for reconizing my words and your words helped me too. Just what I needed at this moment in time.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. I grew up in a home with marriage counselors and I am acutely aware of the emotions that kind of circumstance can bring. I will pray for you. I hope you take the time to put your feelings into words so we can share with you. Thank you for the kind comment and for opening your heart. I am honored my words were some sort of encouragement. Before this last week I had never shared my poetry publicly so that is very special to me.

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