Woven of my visions
Beautiful incisions
Strands of separation
Threaded over me

Darken my surroundings
Closing in around me
Motionless suspended
Waiting for release

Chosen for entombing
Frozen in cocooning
suffocating slowly
Conscious of the space

Every fiber changing
Figure rearranging
Twisting through my framing
Captive by embrace

Patient for the broken
Remnants of this coffin
Shed on wings arising
Lead me into light

Chrysalis rebirth these
Eyes for only earthly
Wake me as a new thing
Wake me when it’s time

Forming ressurection
Lifted in perfection
Shatter these restrictions
Bring me wings to fly

Far beyond the surface
Higher to my purpose
Change us and rebirth us
Take us to the sky


10 responses to “Chrysalis

  1. This night is just a short moment in time
    Why, oh why, Does it feel like it will never end?
    This too will pass, of course
    But does that mean in a million and a half years?
    I will wait for you forever
    But please, oh please, I hope it’s sooner
    You see, I can be patient a long time
    For the best of treasures
    I know the future is good
    But what if I don’t survive this to see it?
    Time continues passing, as I stay in my daze
    Has it really been so long, since I saw your face?
    I am trying so very hard to choke down impatience
    But will this distance suffocate me?

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