Into the strong unbeating heart
I drove my blade and made the mark
And there upon its rigid side
The letters stayed with time

A thought engraved in wood and bark
Portrayed above has stayed through dark
And lasted though the blade is rust
Yet still remain the lines

I cut upon that summer noon
A shape into the deep maroon
And bled the life force of the plant
To make forever sure

A message could be seen and read
Beyond the day they find me dead
And evermore the cut will last
A sign to still endure

Into my strong and beating heart
You drove your love and made a mark
And there so deep the cut was made
And so will stay with time

Though pain it cost still love remains
And evermore will speak the same
To say you gave yourself to me
And I may call you mine


12 responses to “Carved

  1. I can be your bandaid
    I can give your bad day a new start
    I can heal the wound

    Let me be your bandaid
    Let me fix your broken heart
    Let me wrap myself around

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