The Ink Is You

The ink is you
The blood, the love
The pain dipped in
Beneath my skin
The ink is you
And I approve
Of every line
The ink is you
The brand I wear
Reminding me
Of all we are
The ink is you
Unfaded mark
My friend, my dear
My lovely scar


48 responses to “The Ink Is You

    • That is interesting. It passed you through the moderation as if you had commented before! Have we met?

      Thank you for following! I am very grateful to have you, and thank you for the encouragement! 🙂

  1. Many put the ink of love upon their skin, as it flows within to the heart..
    We each carry our own Ink or scars whether it be there to be seen or hidden from view..
    Loved your thinking on this one VW..
    This straight away remeinded me of tattoo’s and I once knew a lady I worked with many years ago now.. Whose arms were full of them.. At that time I did Auragraphs.. ( you can see if you type in the word on my search bar ) I painted a picture for her and gave a reading with it a long one many pages long as I remember.. She came to work crying saying I had her spot on..
    She gave me the greatest compliment ever.. She had the whole painting transfered and put on her back as a tattoo.. some where she is still I hope walking around with that upon her back.
    She said because she wanted to forever remember what I had told her.. and not use the tattoos to mask who she really was inside… This one she said was to show the world her love 🙂

    Ink is indeed You! and what ever story you want to write it can remain forever x
    Love and Blessings~ Sue

    • That is such a beautiful story, Sue! What extraordinary opportunities life provides us when we care for others and minister to their soul. To have someone inscribe your work permanently on their body must be one of the greatest compliments possible. You truly have a lovely heart and I am thankful you shared that sweet story with me. I have personally never had a tattoo, but I have taken a person and written them onto my heart, and I wear it proudly. Perhaps if I ever decide what I would want, I will get a real tattoo. Such beautiful thoughts 🙂

    • Thank you, Muse. Although it has some painful overtones, I wrote it with fond thoughts. The thoughts of someone who has gone in for a tattoo and intentionally endured pain to proudly display something they love. I am told by my friends who have tattoos that the pain is part of the rite of passage which makes the art sweeter in the end. There are some connections well worth the pain which I look at with a sense of pride and love. Worth every wince 😉

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