Although, within my heart
I must concede
I have no cause to hope or feel
That there is more
I love you still

Although, within my mind
Quite logically
I have succumbed to what is real
I must confess
I love you still

Although I cannot speak
Of all I dream
Or ask for all to be revealed
It seems to me
I love you still

Although you may be far
It cannot change
This certain passion of my will
I had to say
I love you still


52 responses to “Still

  1. Welcome back VW…
    I have missed your thoughts …..
    this is one that feels with the heart, especially
    when it echos what I hear …
    Thank you for stopping by….
    and I hope to see more of your thoughts
    into words …..
    you have been missed by many…
    Take Care….
    You Matter….

  2. Nice to see you writing again VW and love is both a wonderful and lonely thing all at once.. Breathtaking and Heartbreaking, Love holds us all within her spell..
    Wishing you Love and Blessings… Sue xx

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