Oh God, the Blood

So delicate
This skin we pull
So tight to hide ourselves within
It isn’t much
For us to cut and drain
With but a simple touch

So delicate
These sentiments
So fragile in their infancy
It isn’t hard
To break apart the trappings
Of a weakened heart

The smell of smoke
Nicotine ghosts
In structures emptied long ago
On the better side of the worst side of town

At last she spoke
“I made my choice”
A whisper quivered like her voice
While traffic passed but it never heard the sound

Oh God, the blood
The stains are deep
A river cut
Into the streets
Oh God, the blood
My hands, unclean
Have testified
Of things we’ve seen

Oh God
The massacres we make
Of ones we crave
With sharp mistakes
Oh God, the blood
Is crimson red
From tender love
We left for dead


43 responses to “Oh God, the Blood

  1. I touched your face
    In a dream last night
    It felt so real
    A beautiful light

    I traced your lips
    In a dream last night
    They felt so real
    It felt so right

    I heard your voice
    In a dream last night
    It’s sound so clear
    It brightened the night

    I saw your eyes
    In a dream last night
    My eyes watered up
    And blurred my sight

    All I had
    Was a dream last night
    But I woke up
    And lost sleep’s fight

    • Such a beautiful tragedy. Losing love can inspire such wonderfully sad art. I’m so honored you shared your poetry here. I hope you find sweet rest and satisfaction in whatever your day turns out to be. Empty arms are sometimes blessings in disguise, and our loneliness is like a pulse, reminding us that we still have love. So long as our hearts beat, pain is a certainty, and so long as we are capable of dreaming we will envision things we do not have. It is our endless longings that push us on to greater heights, and our inability to stay filled that creates ambition. I hope you have a very fulfilling day with the minimum amount of haunting possible 🙂

      Unless it is a good haunting of course

      • I am honored that you even allow me to post my silliness here. I can’t imagine how my poetry would belong anywhere near yours. But you keep pushing me on. 🙂 Empty arms are not my first choice, but there does tend to be some inspiration and driving force in loss, tragedy and frustrating longing.

        This poem came from a dream I had last night. It was such a wonderful and powerful moment. I woke up longing for it to be true. But I woke and realized my moment would just have to be in dreams for now. But it was beautiful nonetheless. Probably one of the most real dreams I’ve ever had.

        As for the haunting… It is an appropriate day for that. 😉

  2. That was just the amount of tension, tenderness and then boom! The shock at the end. Great poem, great words and flow! Remind me not to fall in love with you ever!! :0) XXX

      • I am pleased that you liked that small Vampy 🙂 This weekend I will be trying to catch up on yours and many other postings, I am so far behind on everyone’s so don’t be thinking that5 I am neglecting to call by my friend, indeed I have never been this far behind since I first joined WordPress over a year ago so hopefully I will start to catch up sooner rather than later 🙂

        Have a wicked evening and
        weekend Vampire Weather 🙂


  3. mystery and i loved it. first made me think of suicide then a road accident and back to suicide. ultimately it comes to blood. blood has a tendency to shake mortals. we we see blood we feel a sense of fainting, the feeling that we don’t want anyone to spill their blood. unless you are a coldblooded murderer a war weary soldier or a trained doctor, blood shall shake you leading you to think “oh god the blood” 🙂

  4. I can’t help but to look at your Gravatar after reading this…LOL…this hits home…the heart is indeed fragile…and I have done my share of masacres…not proud of it…not intentional…but I do have blood on my hands. Great piece Vampire!

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