Imploring Sparks

Imploring sparks
A kerosene from broken hearts
Has taken refuge in the cavity
Beneath the surface you once placed
Your tired head upon to rest–
The empty cavern of my chest

A potent mix
Of fractured things I cannot fix
Is soaking through the fabric of my dreams
And now, escaping through my pores
Is inundating me once more
As I kneel, willing on the floor

If this must be
The violent finality
Of pleading for a cause that no one sees
Then take the agony in me
And light it up–set it ablaze
As I dispel the dark in flames


31 responses to “Imploring Sparks

  1. V W, just a huge WOW!!!! One of your most achingly powerful poems yet. Perfectly metered with images that blow me away. I’m starting to be at a loss for words when it comes to your poetry, and the way it flows – which is so amazing. You are Master Poet!

  2. I am always being newly amazed by your apparently effortless ability to be simultaneously distraught and elegantly fluid and eloquent, Dispelling the darkness indeed.

  3. VW…You,my friend,penned emotion!This is heartfelt,thought provoking,and beautiful 🙂
    I should add,I twitted this to my followers.Thank you very much.

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your fantastic way of artistically and beautifully tell emotions and thoughts. Thank you for again knocking me off my feet with your poetry and showing a bit of yourself ❤

  5. Emotion is beautiful, even when hurtful ones… but to convey it in words is magical.
    ♥ you certainly accomplished that.

  6. The single soldier
    He stands on the field
    Unwilling to yield
    His cause is his life
    Achieved with or without strife
    He will persevere
    Even as his end draws near
    His mind has no fear
    His sword knows no arc
    It cannot reach
    And his armor
    Is impenetrable
    In his strength to believe
    His goal he will achieve

    “The violent finality
    Of pleading for a cause that no one sees”

    Those were the lines that spoke to me the most.
    I admire your ability to create metaphors that mean so many things to so many people.

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