Running With Knives In Your Mouth

Perhaps it isn’t safe
To run your mouth
With such sharp words inside
It seems to me that someone might get hurt

Perhaps this is the way
You seek to keep
Your ego satisfied
But am not inclined to dish the dirt


33 responses to “Running With Knives In Your Mouth

  1. No never dish the dirt, for if you do it will cause hurt.
    I love that poem VW just so succinct . It is as pointed as the words and the knives and makes your position perfectly clear!

  2. Strong piece and a very interesting topic! My tongue tend to act like a knife sometimes so I could really relate. Hmm, guess I should re-read this piece when I get agitated and wants to set free my tongue! Thanks for sharing

  3. Look at you
    Pretty face turned askew
    By sharp metal spilling out
    You mouth
    An overworked trash spout
    Of course they never see you
    So sweet and clever
    To all the right people
    Someday I will sever
    That flow shooting out
    We will all make you pay
    For the thoughtless evils you say

    I relate to your words so well, a person like that was half the reason I changed schools this year.

  4. Sharpened by the words of intent…
    I like this one Vampire Weather, it
    is rather short but straight to the
    point as it were πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Have a wonderful Tuesday πŸ™‚


    • Ah, the tongue is such a powerful thing. When it is drawn it begs a conflict, and often when one weapon is drawn another is produced to assail it, but the bloodshed from words is deep inside, and much harder to mend, is it not? Thank you for stopping by, Scott

  5. Yes, and I imagine all are either guilty at some point for either starting or joining in a battle that had a better option available. If only the regret could be foreseen…

    Always loving your work VW. I have to catch up on reading here I see.

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