Quite Warm

I found you
Arms pulling knees in to shield off the dark
I found you
Crippled and broken–collapsed on the wall
I found you
Clutching your chest in a bid for your heart

I said “there you are, love”
You said “this isn’t me”
Something happened out there in the silence

I said “come to me, love”
You said “I cannot breathe”
All these bones have been crushed from the violence

I found you
Wounded and lost with those marks on your back
I found you
Cold and abandoned with shivering hands
I found you
Shrinking away from the thought of attack

I said “trust me, my dear”
You said “I cannot move”
In the corner where you had retreated

I said “do not be scared”
You said “what can I do?”
With the strength in your muscles depleted

I found you
Helpless and cold on the untidied floor
I took you
Up in my arms from the shadows below
I told you
“I will not leave you. You needn’t cry more”

“I have a heart that could keep you quite warm”


46 responses to “Quite Warm

  1. Amazing and hauntingly beautiful. I haven’t realized until recently how much I crave someone to love me through my pain. Hold me as I heal. This is lovely in its tenderness. Keep feeling, but know you don’t have to suffer.

    • I wrote this a little while ago but I never liked it enough to post. I finally gave up and did, so I am thankful it spoke to you. That need to be loved through the pain is hard to fulfill sometimes. Thank you for sharing that with me

  2. VW this touched me deeply tonight and I felt like it was written almost just for me, but through my own ego and selfishness I know it was not….but it still touched me and comforted me in a way I needed. thank you so much.

  3. I must say this gave me shivers VW. I see myself in these painful words and the warm hearts I found here that helped me feel safe once again. I am so glad that you chose to post this.

  4. Very engaging work Monsieur VW.

    As I read it, I must say that I felt it was a conversation between one person and himself. A conversation I am very familiar with.


    • That is an interesting take on it. Indeed it could be read several different ways, and I am quite content for it to be read any of those ways. However, it is an introspective thinker who would concoct that theory πŸ™‚ I like it

  5. Lovely poem ———- Gives me a feeling like all will be alright —— it’s like a guardian angel is watching over or speaking through this poem ….
    beautiful work xxC

  6. I don’t have words to express how I felt reading this poem.
    I just felt… brought tears to my eyes
    β€œI have a heart that could keep you quite warm”… β™₯

  7. vampire, unfortuntely, this happens all over the land for kind-hearted brave folk reaching out to victims and the homeless. Of course, I realize this poem is also a metaphor for simpy taking someone into your heart who has been emotionally injured and abandoned, either by others or themselves. I truly admire your composing the graphic you have posted here today, as well. Very memorable and revealing of how we “see”. Congratulations on another successful post!

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