When I Get Tired Of You

When I get tired of you
The leaves on the trees will have died
All the flowers have folded
And the forest have withered and dried

When I get tired of you
Singers will run out of songs
Lovers will have no more passion
Streets will be rid of their throngs

When I get tired of you
Books will be blank without words
Seasons will cease from their turning
Dawn will be failing to stir

When I get tired of you
The sun will have melted away
Earth will be frozen and barren
And colors all faded to gray

When I get tired of you
The stars will have burnt out their light
The heavens plunged deep into darkness
And angels have long lost their sight

When I get tired of you
My body will lay without motion
My heart will be still in it’s beating
My mind be devoid of devotion

When I get tired of you
Time will have slowed to a stand
All of the elements shattered
God lost the strength in his hand

When I get tired of you
No one will be there to see
Because I can’t get tired of you
So please don’t get tired of me


65 responses to “When I Get Tired Of You

  1. Amazing! I could envision each line and then the last two through me for a loop. Absolutely love this piece. β™₯

  2. Another great one! Ahh, the blessed events during a lifetime that we find something we never get tired of.
    β€œSome people should stay around your entire life, while others should only make an appearance.”

  3. It speaks volumes… It’s the feeling of true love, combined with the fear of losing that love… The weirdest sensation. Torn between two extremes.

  4. Utterly beautifully intense paean of devotion to the beloved. I enjoyed the many original phrases, the rhythms, the “when I get tired of you” as refrains to begin each verse. I really approve of your leaving the request portion to the very end, for it is in giving that we receive.

  5. I love this poem so much. It’s been a favorite of mine. I will always remember reading it for the first time (times actually, because I read it over and over all day) Thank you for the lovely words.

  6. In the heart and mind love lasts
    for an eternity and can never die…

    A delightful poem
    my good friend πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  7. Amazing words and who ever is so lucky as to never to be grown tired of… I envy them. πŸ™‚
    Great thought put into those words VW.. and I am sure your readers will never get tired of reading your excellent poetry .. Hugs ~Sue Dreamwalker xx

  8. Then you might not get the last one-three days and no sleep. I will try to be more to the point. I don’t read comments until after I write.. // When I have watched people, or my animals, lose touch, with someone, a place, or something has changed them forever, they lose themsevles; go into shock, pass out or feel blank.

    When I get tired of you
    Books will be blank without words
    Seasons will cease from their turning
    Dawn will be failing to stir

    My husband’s best friend died of lung Cancer within a year of being diagnosed. Ronnie when blank. I was kidnapped at the age of 9 and gang raped. The following years just felt dead, I knew the world was going on with me, like Ronnie it was at the end still, everything was over. Years later the pain turned into that tourcher, pain can bring. Anger, shock, normal self centeredness fell to the very bottom of the mental health list. I used that anger to help me get through college.

    Follow up tomorrow…sleep is taking over.

    • Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and experiences. Life certainly has a way of surprising us at times, and it is often those struggles which being out the best art. I hope you sleep well πŸ™‚

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