The Deadly Manner

Marks across her eyes
She takes the shadows from the corners
Sucks the feeling from my lies
And steals the morning from the dawn

Dancing in the dark
With a deadly sort of manner
Wilted flowers on the mantle
And the scent of something wrong

Lips that never utter
Though they faintly mouth my name
As my heart begins to stutter
And the silence fairly screams

Skin as soft as satin
As her arms embrace me gently
In an ancient form of Latin
Voices echo in my dreams

Life and love and laughter
Shrink away within her presence
As she leads the steps on quicker
‘Till the movements stir the leaves

Out into the courtyard
And I cannot pull to stop her
Underneath the waning moonlight
Falling slowly through the eaves

When did we begin
My memories are dull and faded
They betray the story’s ending
Though I cannot see the start

Hand in hand she takes me
So much further down the spiral
And, in tempo, I can feel it
It’s the rhythm of my heart

Earth below my feet
These empty hollows in the mist
Here as she slows the spinning, calmly
Pulls my head against her breast

Sounds are far away now
And the light has made it’s exit
Her lips–so cold and timeless
As I taste the kiss of death


27 responses to “The Deadly Manner

  1. I wonder if
    You ever doubt
    The way I feel
    And if it’s real
    I wonder if
    You think there’s a time
    That you are not on my mind
    I hope you know
    That my love
    Hasn’t changed
    It remains the same
    I hope you know
    That every moment
    Of each day
    On my mind of course you stay

  2. I almost don’t want to like this….your death is something I deff do not want…but very magical with your words, like always.

  3. Wow! Just a stunning piece! I loved your first stanza, it captivated me from the beginning. Wonderful weaving of words πŸ™‚

  4. You writing is always so right! Natural and wonderful. Even the irregular use of rhymes work so well as the rhymes you chose are natural and fit in so well that we don’t miss the non-rhymes. This is very well done!

  5. Love the poem a joy
    read aloud – reads
    like a song. Reminds
    me of the Dark Mother
    a deity I imagine in my
    stories – she/he – it –
    is an androgenous
    being who embodies
    both nature and Death
    esp – the need for
    Death in sustaining
    life. With our first
    breath we sign a
    contract. One that
    ends in the ultimate
    sacrifice. Her eternal
    imbrace, Is the price
    we pay for entering
    this world.

    We stare into the emptness
    and fall beneath the gate –
    Circling the Nexus in a
    feavered dance with
    fate . . .

    Dan Fogelberg’s
    song, Nexus. You
    should hear it. It’s
    one of my favorites.

  6. A truly excellent piece of poetry Vampire Weather and you have certainly captured the mood with this one πŸ™‚ Well done my wonderful friend I think that this one is most definitely amongst your finest efforts πŸ™‚


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