Lain as unto sleeping
Jeweled eyes adorned, unblinking
Still the color in the flesh
And yet
There dwells within no breath

Warmth like those–the living
Caught immortal here unwilling
Senses keen, my sweetest child
Oh me
A spell is this–too vile

Wrenched of will and frozen
All but thought and beauty stolen
Sleepless rest, here paralyzed
Dear God
Those still unblinking eyes

Turned to tomb–your body
By some evil hand of envy
Gripped by poison; laced in dark
The beating of your heart

Staring, still unblinking
Held suspended in this thinking
He, with lips, will soon dismiss
The spell
With but one tender kiss


28 responses to “Tomb

  1. You could give Gregory McGuire a run for his money. I’d love to see what you could do with other fairytales. This will keep me smiling for a while. So clever.

      • It’s a lazy way out. There is so much more to life after the ever after. So much. That’s a tale we should collaborate on.

      • Modesty? You can more than hold your own. Let us let our readers/voyeurs pick which fairytale then go back and forth in the telling. What say you?

      • That reminds me of something I used to do with my best friend. We would go back and forth writing lines of poetry. I was never very good compared to him, but he would always be so kind and encourage me to write more. It was probably one of my favorite ways we ever communicated. It was the closest I think I ever felt to him. And it definitely qualifies as one of my top ten favorite memories. I’ve never before or since felt comfortable sharing any of my poetry with another person, especially not WITH another. Sigh…

      • Writing with someone else is a very intimate thing. I have not really ever done that much. Until recently I never showed anyone my poetry, and it still feels strange some days to know so many people can see it. I guess the consolation is they don’t know me. If my family and friends ever find this I will probably promptly remove it lol. I just don’t really like to be seen that much. However, I feel blessed to share this experience with you, and you are one of the few who have been here since I started this. I am very honored that you still bother to read and comment. I feel I owe you, but all I have to give are more words. Thank you

      • It’s not a bother at all. I wait anxiously each day for my ration of your words. I am so glad you are still posting, though some days it must be difficult. I feel that I owe you for such wonderful poetic gifts.

      • I can’t fathom why you care so much, but I am touched that you do. I have wanted to quit posting so many times since I started this. Some days I absolutely hate everything I’ve ever written and I want to destroy it. Some days I post only because I know there is someone out there who may need to know that I am alive and someone else feels like they do. Some days this is the only place I don’t feel alone. Some days this is the place I feel most alone…I’m just really emotional some days 🙂

      • There are some days I think some people in my life are too wonderful to have ever existed. Some days I wonder if I imagined them… but then I realize I’m not that good. 😉

        Thank you for posting. Thank you so so so much. It’s kept me surviving. healing words.

      • Your poetry and your replies to me tonight have meant much to me tonight also. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Thank you. ❤ You are very wonderful.

  2. This is really cool. The picture the words…. I love how your poetry can bring me to a different place. I get to see different lands and situations through your words and images 🙂

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